Information for University Personnel/Volunteers Working with Minors

University Personnel/Volunteers are Kent State faculty, staff, or student employees, and volunteers who supervise, chaperone or otherwise oversee minors at a university-sponsored program or affiliated activities.

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University Personnel/Volunteers for programs involving minors are responsible for knowing and adhering to the following (refer to the policy for details):

Prohibited Activity

Adults authorized to work with minors in covered programs at Kent State may not (see Section D of the policy):

  • Have one-on-one contact with minors. If such contact is needed, there must be one other authorized adult within view.
  • Engage in one-on-one communication with minors at any time unless there is a clear educational or university-related purpose. This includes but is not limited to: email, text messages, social networking, websites, Internet chat rooms, or other forms of social media.
  • Engage in abusive conduct of any kind toward, or in the presence of a minor.
  • Strike, hit, administer corporal punishment to, or touch in an inappropriate or illegal manner any minor.
  • Pick-up or drop-off minors from their homes, other than the driver's child or children, or in instances when the driver has direct parental consent to transport the child of a neighbor or friend.
  • Engage in the use of, or be under the influence of, alcohol or illegal drugs during such programs or activities.
  • Make pornography in any form available to minors or assist minors in any way to gain access to pornography.
  • Engage in any other action or activity prohibited by the university.


Any university personnel/volunteer or program administrator who has reasonable cause to believe that a minor has suffered or faces the threat of sexual contact, sexual conduct, or sexual activity or endangerment, must immediately report the information to one of the following departments:

  • Kent State University Police (330-672-2212),
  • City of Kent Police Department (330-673-7732),
  • Portage County Sheriff's Department (330-296-5100), or
  • Any other local or state public services agency.