Design Innovation Dinners – to Help Build Both Community and Conversation Around Design Innovation

You are seated at a table with 7 or 8 select individuals from the greater Kent State community including faculty, students, alumni, government officials, and/or representatives of business and industry. You may or may not know others at your table. One of those at the table will serve as an informal moderator, and the table will be assigned a topic for discussion prior to the dinner. 
The Design Innovation Initiative seeks to “cultivate a cross-disciplinary platform for creative innovators prepared to collaborate in the face of complex/messy local to global problems” 

In her State of the University Address in October 2017, President Beverly Warren said that: 

“Our newly developed Design Innovation Initiative will propel a culture of innovation across every campus and though out every community we serve. When we act with collective purpose, we naturally seek and embrace connections beyond our disciplines and departments. We must be that university that unleashes the power of multi-disciplinary action and collaboration. We must believe that our best discoveries occur when disciplines collide.”

We invite you to help us imagine and explore ways to make Kent State and the world, a better place. We believe the DI Dinners at Kent State will be an effective way to gain insight from your innovative, creative and intersectional thinking, leading to future projects and partnerships with meaningful impact.