Spaces & Places

The DI Ecosystem is made up of student-ready DI makerspaces located throughout Kent State’s eight-campus system. The Kent campus features 26 DI nodes, each with specialized equipment and areas of creative focus. The DI Hub is a large, open-access collaborative and innovation accelerator environment on the Kent campus that will open in Fall 2020. The DI HUB space will include the DI Hatchery, small, short-term incubator spaces, managed by DI GROUP and LaunchNet.


  • Classrooms & Research

    Classrooms & Research

    The DI HUB houses a number of spaces dedicated to research and academic activities including the DI Theatre/Auditorium, DI Studio Classroom, Innovation Teaching Kitchen, Shared Faculty Studio, Fellows Suite and DI Gallery.

  • REACTOR Shops & Labs

    REACTOR Shops & Labs

    The DI Labs are makerspaces located inside the DI HUB that support innovation and collaboration. The largest of these is the REACTOR, which hosts a number of single-purpose "shops" in its interior to directly support collaborative prototyping/making activities.

  • BDMF Entrepreneur Suite

    BDMF Entrepreneur Suite

    This suite in the DI HUB constitutes an entrepreneurship zone that covers the LaunchNET office; each of the i3 Lab spaces; and the inspirationally situated Seminar Room at the end of the hall overlooking the Shared Faculty Studio and out onto the May 4 Commons.

  • DI Dining

    DI Dining

    DI Dining is located on the 3rd floor of the Design Innovation Hub. Kent State has partnered with InSinkErator® through the implementation of Grind2Energy®, an organics recovery process that converts food waste to renewable energy. Food waste from the DI HUB is ground on-site using a customized, industrial-strength foodservice grinder.