These students were ESDRI fellows when they graduated from Kent State University. Follow along to see what they are up to now!

Meet Our Alumni

Lukas Capatosto

Lukas Capatosto

Environmental and Conservation Biology (BS '24)

Research interests: genomics and evolutionary biology



Alicia Costello

Alicia Costello

M.S. student, Ecology, Pennsylvania State University 

Horticulture (BS '24)

Research interests: sustainable horticulture, botany, plant pathology, forestry, agroforestry, nutrient cycling, and climate change



Olivia Eader

Olivia Eader

M.S. student, Geography, Kent State University 

Environmental Studies & English (BA '24)

Research interests: environmental justice and outdoor/environmental education



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Renae Gizzo

Environmental Scientist, CTL Engineering 
Environmental and Conservation Biology; minor in GIS (BS '23)

Research interests: Remote sensing, UAVs, and ecological modeling



Sam Large

Samuel Large

Environmental Scientist, EnviroScience, Inc.

Environmental and Conservation Biology; minor in Climate Change (BS '24)

Research interests: landscape ecology, nutrient cycling, ecotoxicity, and landscape disturbance



Abi Leonard

Abigail Leonard

Technician, Pine Environmental

Environmental Studies (BA 24')

Research interests: ornithology, migratory behaviors, environmental justice, wildlife, and botany



Photo of Max Miller

Max Miller

Environmental Studies; minor in Biology for Environmental Management (BA '23)

Research interests: botany, soil, sustainability, agriculture, agricultural entomology, invasive species/biodiversity, ecology, and pollution



Photo of Mitchel Pozwick

Mitchel Pozwick

M.A. student, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Kent State University
Investigative intern

Environmental Studies; minor in Criminology and Justice Studies (BA '23)

Research interests: wetland classification



Photo of Justin Thompson

Justin Thompson

M.S. student, Environment and Sustainability, University of Michigan

Environmental Studies and Political Science; minors in Geology, Geography, and Urban Studies (BA '22)

Research interests: US-Canada transboundary environmental policy, hydraulic fracturing and injection wells and environmental justice, sustainability, and public policy



Photo of Cody Ulbricht

Cody Ulbricht

Environmental Studies; minor in Geography (BA '23)

Research interests: wildlife conservation and studying invasive species



Grace Watson


Grace Watson

M.S. student, Aquatic Ecology, Ohio State University 

Environmental and Conservation Biology; minor in Environmental Geology (BS' 24)

Research interests: wetland restoration and monitoring, aquatic ecology, nutrient cycling, and invertebrates