Current Fellows

The institute could not be more proud of the fellows that it supports!

These students are actively working toward a better future, born leaders and creative thinkers, crafting new ideas, filling in data gaps, motivating others, and conducting cutting edge research and other creative activities. We are proud to support their undergraduate journey here at Kent State University.




Meet The Fellows

Photo of Angelena Acierno

Angelena Acierno

Environmental Studies; minor in Ceramics

Hobbies: hiking, art, writing, drinking tea, and gardening

Research interests: forest health, nature therapy, plant medicine, and natural art



Photo of Kathryn Burns

Kathryn Burns

Environmental Studies; minor in Environment, Peace, and Justice

Hobbies: swimming, plant keeping, and hiking

Research interests: food waste and recovery, environmental education, and all things related to sustainability



Emily Campbell


Emily Campbell

Organismal Biology

Hobbies: hiking, crafting, video games, and writing

Research interests: wetland restoration, soil and water chemistry, and nutrient cycling



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Drew Davis

Environmental Studies | Organismal Biology



Photo of Hana Esber

Hana Esber

Environmental Studies; minors in Peace and Conflict Studies | Geography | Parks Management | Environmental Management and Conservation

Hobbies: hiking, waterskiing, camping, and fishing

Research interests: wetland restoration and geospatial analysis



Photo of Phillip Kimbrough

Phillip Kimbrough

Environmental Studies

Hobbies: thru-hiking, ultra-running, fungi, and photography

Research interests: wilderness therapy, ecosystem conservation/preservation, and mycology



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Aciano Leipply-Caban

Environmental and Conservation Biology; minor in GIS

Hobbies: video games and social & environmental justice

Research interests: remote sensing, non-invasive observation methods, and soil remediation utilizing mycorrhizal and microbial relations



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Helen McLellen

Fashion Design; minor in Accessories 

Hobbies: crocheting, knitting, plants

Research interests: sustainable design, limited water use in fashion production, environmental justice



Jackson Miller


Jackson Miller

Environmental Studies; minor Biology for Environmental Management and Conservation

Hobbies: hiking, gardening, and reading

Research interests: water quality, conservation, and bat, insect, and wetland ecology



Photo of Samantha Poore

Samantha Poore

Environmental Studies

Hobbies: hiking, skiing, playing the flute, and volunteering

Research interests: food/farming sustainability



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Shaine Price

Environmental and Conservation Biology

Hobbies: writing, hiking, painting, and watching wildlife

Research interests: bat ecology, insects and spiders, conservation, restoration, marine biology, and coral reef health



Photo of Jenna Sawyer

Jenna Sawyer

Environmental Studies

Hobbies: horseback riding, hiking, going to the gym, and hanging with my cats

Research interests: environmental sustainability, environmental regulations, and soil/water contamination or hazards 



Andrew Shenal_ESDRI fellow

Andrew Shenal

Environmental Studies; minor in Geography and GIS

Hobbies: hiking, birding, and traveling

Research interests: geospatial analysis: remote sensing and GIS, agriculture, and environmental science



Photo of Carla Wagner

Carla Wagner

Studio Art with a concentration in Painting

Hobbies: making art, trying new foods, cooking, spending time with family and friends, and spending time outdoors

Research interests: the idea of futurism and how I see it through my eyes, using the environment to make 3 dimensional and mixed media pieces to portray the issues happening in our environment as a whole