Department of Geography Forms

Students apply for Graduation (by the start of the semester in which they plan to graduate) within Flashline

Graduate Studies Form Library

This webpage contains all the University-level forms relevant to the programs.  Direct links are not provided since the URLs change often.  Critical forms on this webpage are:

  • Application for Graduate Re-enrollment
    • For students that have become inactive and are applying for reinstatement
  • Letter of Recommendation Form
    • For students applying to the program that are having trouble with the recommendation form process in the system, this form can be used as a substitute
  • Report of Candidacy and Approval of Dissertation Topic
    • Submitted when a student passes his/her PhD candidacy exams
  • Transfer of Graduate Credit
    • For students that wish to transfer graduate-level credits earned elsewhere
  • Notice of Matriculation
    • For students in the Master’s program who are applying to continue in the PhD program.
  • Approval of Thesis Topic
    • Submitted when a student passes his/her thesis proposal defense
  • Report of Dissertation Final Examination or Report of Thesis Final Examination
    • Submitted when a student successfully defends his/her thesis or dissertation
  • Application for Extension of Time Limits
    • Submitted when a student has reached normal time limits for degree completion, and is requesting an extension
  • Recommendation for Appointment to the Graduate Faculty
    • Submitted for non-KSU faculty that will be serving on a student’s thesis or dissertation committee
  • Request for Leave of Absence
    • Submitted when a student needs to temporarily leave the program.  Submission of this form ‘stops the clock’ towards time limits for the degree.
  • Combined Baccalaureate / Master’s Program
    • Submitted to register the classes that will be counted towards both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.