Geography Combined Bachelors/Masters Degree (BA/MS)

Qualified undergraduate students in Geography and Environmental Studies are encouraged to apply for the combined BA/MS program at Kent State University.  This will enable these majors to complete an M.S. in Geography in a shorter period of time.

Strong preference will be given to applicants with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher.  Admission evaluation criteria also include significant geography coursework, an idea of research interests, and solid recommendation letters. 

Students should make sure to apply the semester before they wish to begin taking graduate level classes.

Once accepted, in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator, students may identify up to 9 graduate level (50000-level or above) credit hours that the student can enroll in before graduating with his/her Bachelors degree.  These 9 hours should be taken during the senior year and will count towards both the Bachelors and the Masters degrees. 

Since 9 credits is a typical graduate semester load, timelines toward completion are shortened by one semester relative to the date of their full entry into the M.S. program (i.e. following graduation with a B.A. degree).  A permanent advisor should be picked by the 6th week of the first semester following full entry into the M.S. program, and a thesis proposal should be defended by the 6th week of the second semester.  Given this, most students should enroll in Research and Presentation (GEOG 69701) during the spring semester of their senior year. 

Students who are in the BA/MS program will also be eligible to receive funding and tuition remission after they have graduated with a B.A. degree.  This funding is not guaranteed however and is awarded in a competitive process with other prospective graduate students.

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