Study Away

The Department of Geography has offered many international field trips over the years.  We have traveled around the world to Cambodia, Portugal, Egypt, Poland, China, Iceland, Ecuador, Spain, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Peru, and Canada.

Florence Program

Starting in Spring 2023, students in the Environmental Studies or Geography majors can participate in a Study Abroad semester on our Florence Campus where multiple courses for the degree will be offered! In Spring 2023 (and future springs), the courses include Conservation of Natural ResourcesClimate Change, the Geography of Wine, as well as opportunities for an internship. Check out for more details. 

The Florence Summer Institute has two month-long sessions, in which you can take classes towards your major in a 600-year-old “palazzo”, field trips on the weekend, and live in a vibrant global city. Our two classes are: Global Environmental Issues (June session) and Population and the Environment (July session)Aside from these courses, there are several additional courses on offer, including Italian! Most of these courses are taught by Kent State faculty who are over there for the month as well. Here is the link for more information. Applications are due February 1st.

Other Experiences

Columbus Program in State Issues (CPSI) - A selected group of student leaders, from a variety of academic majors, will be given the opportunity to serve as interns in Columbus, Ohio to help understand public policy development at the state level.

Washington Program in National Issues (WPNI) - A select group of juniors and seniors from various academic disciplines study national and international political structures,  culture and history, science and technology and public policy and administration firsthand in the most dynamic and stimulating political atmosphere in the world: Washington, D.C.