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Sarah L. Smiley

Department of Geography
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I am an urban geographer with research interests in water and development.  I use multiple qualitative methods including surveys, interviews, participant observation, spatial video, mental mapping, and archival research.  I am specifically interested in the ways that colonial legacies of segregation and inequitable housing and amenity provision affect everyday life in Sub-Saharan Africa.  My current research project analyzes what access to water really means.  In particular I explore how the price, availability, reliability, and quality of water along with the physical act of walking to collect it impact water access.  I am based at the Salem Campus where I teach a variety of Kent Core and Diversity Courses, and I also teach graduate courses on Water and Society and on African Cities on the Kent Campus.


The University of Kansas, PhD in Geography (2007), The University of Kansas, MA in Geography (2003), The University of Cincinnati, BA in Geography (2000)


Sub-Saharan Africa, Urban Geography, Water Resources, Development


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Association of American Geographers, Africa Specialty Group (AAG)