Among the institutions in Ohio which offer the Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) degree, Kent State University is the only program which allows a student to take courses from several different colleges or schools in the university. 

Kent State University's Master of Liberal Studies program therefore provides students with a unique opportunity to study at the graduate level in fields that are of interest and use to them. Kent State University Master of Liberal Studies students, under the guidance of the Program Coordinator, select courses from across the university to form their own individualized and integrated program of study. Please visit the program's page for more information on Program Requirements

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  1. Bring together the different fields in which they have been working.
  2. See the advantages of doing so.
  3. Continue to pursue the knowledge they entered the program to acquire.


“I am so grateful for my experience in the Liberal Studies Master's program at Kent State. As an integrative studies major during undergrad, I already had an understanding of how to build a course of study that would inspire and inform based on my personal interests. I developed my plan of study to focus on Human Development and Family Studies and supplemented that coursework with courses in Art, Health Education, and more to guide my goal of becoming a practicing traditional artist and practitioner of art and wellness-related services. My professors were each so welcoming to the idea that I was creating a path for myself outside their respective departments and welcomed my knowledge of other subjects during class discussions. A liberal studies education is for anyone who is multi-passionate, who seeks the freedom to explore, and who has the capacity to synthesize and make connections across a broad range of industries/fields. I highly recommend the program to those looking to build an engaging plan of study to inform their career plans! Without my education in Liberal Studies, I would not be where I am today. “ - Mallory McCrea (MLS, 2022)

College of Arts and Sciences
School of Multidisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities
113 Bowman Hall
Kent Campus