Student Testimonials

Read some of the thank-you letters our faculty have received from students in our programs!

(Pictured above is a card given to Dr. Peterson, Paralegal Studies.)

"Both academically & personally, you have been a supporting figure in my life who has constantly pushed me to work hard."

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  • Jewish Studies Testimonials

    Jewish Studies Testimonials

    "Personally, my experience at Kent State was honeyed and enriched thanks to the Jewish Studies Program’s stimulating classes, thought-provoking discussions, motivating excursions, and inspiring speakers."

  • International Studies Testimonials

    International Studies Testimonials

    “I have taken more from this course than any other of my university career. I’ve learned to take various and new approaches to studying conflict and political science. This prof is an inspiration and I am grateful for this experience.” 

  • Paralegal Studies Testimonials

    Paralegal Studies Testimonials

    "I've said this before & I'll say it again, you truly are the type of professor that all professors should aspire to be..."

  • LGBTQ Studies Testimonials

    LGBTQ Studies Testimonials

    I am an LGBTQ+ Studies minor because I want to learn more about my people and our resilience, power and history.

  • Women's Studies Testimonials

    Women's Studies Testimonials

    I come away from every class thinking in new ways, being challenged and feeling that I have grown intellectually.

“Professor Mazzei is the most professional and motivating professor I have had.”

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From a Jewish Studies Minor:

"All of my favorite memories from my time in Kent come from Jewish Studies programs."

"Without Prof. Kessler I truthfully would have given up my degree during these unprecedented times, she has made education enjoyable... and something to look forward to."

-Letter to Chaya Kessler, Jewish Studies Program... Read More