Pathfinders: Kent State University School of Fashion Alumni

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Wednesday, 29 June, 2022 - 12:00 am to Monday, 29 May, 2023 - 11:45 pm

KSU Museum
Higbee Gallery


  • Jules Acree '12
  • Deanna First '12
  • Keama Garrett '15
  • Joshua Hupper '04
  • Miyako Nakamura '05
  • Anne Skoch '17

Made possible with the generous support of Dr. Linda L. McDonald and the Ohio Arts Council.


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"All ideas have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is sometimes a very raw place. Your imagination needs to be free of editing. The urge to create should never be burdened with perfection. This is the importance of appreciating every stage of your life and work. You will never be in the exact same place again. These raw seed will nurture to fruition soon enough." Isabel Toledo, Roots of Style


This exhibition brings together recent work of six creatives, each of whom are defining their own pathways amidst the everchanging industry of fashion, social media, and design.  Their experiences reveal a rich array of experiments, trials, multiple jobs, and networking, all underpinned by hard work and determination.  All are also alumni of the KSU School of Fashion.

While their pathways are unique, there are shared qualities and strategies in the stories of each designer.  One of the most significant connectors across the group is their impulse to build community, networks, and partnerships that transcend a purely transactional relationship with their clients. 

Every alum in the exhibition has at least 4 years of experience beyond graduation, and they represent diverse approaches to fashion, product design, branding, and social media.

A unique feature of this exhibition, and an important part of the project, are interviews conducted by current School of Fashion students that you will find on monitors in the gallery.  These interviews provide meaningful conversations between students and alumni to share with the public and inspire today’s students. 

Reminder: Visit the Museum Store where you will find items by current students and alumni, including jewelry by Rhea Kulcsar of RKNYC who we are highlighting for this exhibition.

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Banner image: Fabric by alum Anne Skoch
Square image: Mereba by alum Keama Garrett