Research Appointments

The Kent State University Museum is an important resource for instructors, researchers and students. The Museum, its collections and the Museum Library are available for students to supplement their studies in the classroom.

Instructors are encouraged to make arrangements to bring their classes to the Museum. The staff welcomes class visits to the galleries and can also accommodate appointments for classes to see selections from the collections not otherwise on view. We are also able to make individual appointments with students and researchers to view specific designer or period garments, textiles, furniture pieces and other types of art work in our collection.

To make an appointment (group or individual), please contact the Collections Manager/Registrar, Joanne Fenn at or by phone at 330-672-0305.

For instructors:

Estimate that a maximum of 12 artifacts can be viewed per hour in a group setting. Appointments should be made approximately two weeks in advance and, a week prior to the class, the instructor should come to the Museum and assist in the object selection. The instructor is expected to teach the class during the appointment. However, if the instructor desires a Kent State University Museum staff member to participate in the discussion on chosen artifacts, please indicate this at the time the appointment is made. 

For researchers:

Appointments should be made two weeks in advance and are available Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. A Museum staff member will supervise during the appointment. Please come prepared with all necessary materials (i.e. camera, measuring tape, paper, pencils). We ask that you bear in mind that there are a limited number of artifacts that can be absorbed at one time.

Rules governing use:

  • Only graphite pencils may be used.
  • Non-flash photography is permitted.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the Museum.