Assessment Funds Award

The Office of Accreditation, Assessment and Learning, in conjunction with the Advisory Committee for Academic Assessment (ACAA) is offering a limited number of awards for assessment-related activities. This award is available for departments/programs that are making curricular or programmatic changes as a result of the assessment process or are developing new assessment approaches. This is in recognition of the fact that continued assessment and innovation may require extra meetings and materials that department/program budgets may not be able to support.  For the purpose of improvement, up to $500 is available for expenses incurred. Funds are only available for programs that have submitted an assessment report for 2021-22 or 2022-23.

Submit your award application here: Submission deadline has passed for 2023-24. Check back again in early fall 2024 for the next submission timeframe.


Appropriate use of these funds includes:
• Assessment planning activities;
• Purchase of assessment resources (e.g., books, journals, software) for your department or program;
• Texts or other materials that your department/program may use for curricular change;
• Travel to conferences, workshops, or other sites that will directly assist in curricular or programmatic improvement;
• Stipend for a consultant to work with your department or program on improving the assessment plan that is in place;
• Guest speaker on assessment or programmatic improvement;
• Surveys, focus groups, interviews or external capstone examinations;
• Changes made by departments/programs based on previous assessment results which require extra funds;
• Support a meeting or workshop for faculty, staff, or administrators to review data and develop action plans;
• Stipends for University faculty can only be covered during off-contract times (e.g., summer).

The use of the award and description of its impact should be documented in detail in the program’s upcoming annual assessment report (submitted via Watermark). Recipients may also be asked to share highlights on the AAL website or at assessment-related events.

Applications due November 1, 2023
Notification of Awards date - January 16, 2024
Funds available before end of Academic Year - June 30, 2024