Curriculum Map

What is a curriculum map?

A curriculum map is a tool for seeing the relationship between courses and program level learning outcomes. Faculty and staff can use the curriculum map to examine their program design.

Several key questions can guide the conversations(NILOA):

  • In the key courses, are all outcomes addressed, in a logical order?
  • Do all the key courses address at least one outcome?
  • Do multiple offerings of the same course address the same outcomes, at the same levels?
  • Do some outcomes get more coverage than others? Is that intentional?
  • Are all outcomes first introduced and then reinforced?
  • Are students expected to show high levels of learning too early?
  • Do students get practice on all the outcomes before being assessed, e.g., in the capstone?
  • Do all students, regardless of which electives they choose, experience a coherent progression and coverage of all outcomes?
  • What do your electives, individually and collectively, contribute to the achievement of your student learning outcomes?

What does a curriculum map example look like?