The Department of Public Safety exists to support the greater mission of Kent State University and promote a safe and healthy environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Our Mission

Supporting the greater mission of Kent State University and promoting a safe and healthy environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors is accomplished through the efficient delivery of professional and accessible police, transportation, parking, emergency and special services. The Department, which is committed to professionalism, fairness, integrity, and service, strives to foster and maintain collaborative partnerships within the University and its surrounding communities.


A message from Kent State Police Services

We witnessed the egregious and unacceptable actions of four Minneapolis police officers that resulted in the death of George Floyd.  These actions were against basic human dignity.  What we witnessed was also in complete conflict with and disregard for the oath each officer takes to protect and serve all members of the community.  We share in the grief, hurt, outrage and concern being felt by our community.   

We want all members of our university community to know our officers are guided in their work by the principle that every person, no matter who they are or what they have done, are treated with the dignity, compassion and respect every human deserves.  This notion is reinforced by our commitment to actively engage with all members of our community.  Through this we can learn about our community’s concerns and needs, then work collaboratively to help resolve issues and build trust. 

We are committed to listening, engagement, and peaceful discourse as we strive to do our best serving our community.  We condemn racism and value diversity.  We will continue training our officers on de-escalation techniques, protecting individuals’ constitutional rights, identifying and responding to bias, being culturally competent and applying strong ethics and morality in our service to the Kent State University community.  

American policing is based on the principle of public trust.  Our citizens, our community members, our neighbors have given certain rights to police officers in order to protect and serve them.  It is this trust that has been eroded by the horrible death of George Floyd.  It is this trust we hope to help restore nationally.  It is this trust which we at Kent State University Police promise to uphold, nurture and respect in all our interactions at Kent State University.

Dean Tondiglia
Chief of Police