What is Flash ALERTS?

Flash ALERTS is Kent State University’s official emergency text notification system to provide subscribers with critical information no matter what time it is or where they are in the world. Flash ALERTS expands the university's ability to send critical news and information to the university community during campus emergencies. 

What’s involved?

Students, faculty and staff are automatically entered into our Flash ALERTS system to receive urgent notifications as they relate to all campuses via text-enabled mobile phone or device. University community members may access the system any time to update mobile numbers or add a parent’s phone number to also receive the alerts. Each subscriber can include up to two additional contact numbers as a Flash ALERTS recipient. 


  • If you had previously signed up to receive Flash ALERTS and added additional cellphone numbers prior to Oct. 4, 2023, you will need to add those phone numbers to your user profile one more time due to this transition.
  • To receive text alerts, make sure that your cellphone number has been added to your FlashLine/Banner account. Please be aware that older phones may not work due to limitations by your cellphone provider. 

How does it work?

During a campus emergency, Flash ALERTS will send you a message delivering critical information. Flash ALERTS are an enhancement to the several existing communications tools used by the university to reach students, faculty and staff, including the Kent State home page, alert monitor system, broadcast email alerts, broadcast voicemail messages and notifications to public media outlets. 

Who will receive Flash ALERTS?

All members of the university community are added to our Flash ALERTS system. No action is needed. If no action is taken, each university community member will receive critical texts that are distributed for each campus.  

Manage your Flash ALERTS account

University community members can

  1. Self-select the campus or campuses for which they would like to receive these messages. If you prefer to receive critical messaging relevant to just your primary campus(es) and exclude messages from other campuses, please log in to make your selections
  2. Add additional phone numbers to allow up to two additional individuals, such as parents or guardians, to receive these messages. 

Your Flash ALERTS user profile is easy to access. Just use your FlashLine username and password to login. If you need additional assistance, please contact the 24/7 Technology Help Line at 330-672-HELP (4357).