Room Size & Configuration

Seating capacity has been determined in accordance with state and city safety regulations. Departments are not to over-enroll students beyond the maximum classroom size. If it appears that student demand will surpass the scheduled room, departments should contact the ASC immediately, before the class grows too large, to determine if alternate space is available. It is unacceptable for students not to have appropriate seating. Inappropriate seating violates building codes and provides a poor image of the University, and its ability to manage enrollment.

Furniture and equipment such as overheads, chairs, and tables are not to be moved from one room to another without approval of Media Services, or the Office of the University Architect. If a room does not contain adequate facilities to meet the scheduled maximum enrollment or equipment needs, the instructor should notify their department scheduler of the inadequacies and request a new classroom assignment. The department scheduler will then contact the ASC who will attempt to locate an available classroom that is more suited to the instructor's needs for course delivery.