Kent Campus Resources

Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services (SRVSS)

The Center for Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services (SRVSS, pronounced “serves”) provides support for anyone who has or knows someone who has experienced power-based personal violence (such as sexual assault, intimate partner/relationship violence and stalking) in the form of access to resources, support when participating in a criminal or conduct process and navigating support within the campus community.

When meeting with SRVSS, you have the right to share as little or as much as you are comfortable.  While SRVSS can not guarantee total confidentiality of what is shared, we respect your privacy to withhold identifying information and will be upfront on the limitations without identifying information.  

  • Phone: (330)672-8016

KSU Police Services

Provides investigative and victim advocacy services for sexual violence related incidents and are available to discuss reporting options.

  • Emergency Phone: 911
  • Non-emergency Phone: (330) 672-2212

DeWeese Health Center

Deweese Health Center

Provides medical services to victims of sexual violence, regardless of ability to pay, including treatment of injuries, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy tests, and emergency contraception.

  • Phone: (330)672-2322
  • 24-hour Nurse Line: (330)672-2326

Counseling and Psychological Services (Confidential Counseling)

Serves as the primary student mental health resource. Provides CONFIDENTIAL counseling services to individuals who have been affected by sexual violence (including victims, friends, partners, etc.) Victims of sexual violence will receive psychological services regardless of ability to pay. 

  • Phone: (330)672-2487

Counseling and Human Development center (Confidential Counseling)

Provides personal counseling and human development services to members of the Kent State University community (KSU students, faculty, staff, and family members), and to non-KSU area residents. 

  • Phone: (330) 672-2208

Psychological Clinic (Confidential Counseling)

Services are provided by master’s and doctoral students under the close supervision of clinical faculty members who are licensed psychologists.

  • Phone: (330) 672-2372

Women's Center

The Women's Center has specially-trained staff who can assist students in crisis and connect individuals to the appropriate campus and community resources. The center provides resources including a food pantry for students.  

  • Phone: (330)672-9230

Office of the Student Ombuds

Available for consultation in regard to academic support, the Student Ombuds provides assistance with navigating policies and processes and help with academic accommodations.  

  • Phone: (330)672-9494

Dean of Students

Provides general support for students. Advocates on behalf of students within the university system.

  • Phone: (330)672-4050

Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct is a good resource for students who wish to speak with someone about campus sexual misconduct policies and the adjudication process for violations of such policies.

  • Phone: (330)672-4054

Residence Services

Residence Services staff can assist students with issues or concerns regarding on-campus housing.

  • Phone: (330)672-7000

Step Up Speak Out

Kent State University is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our campus community. When it comes to individuals in emotional distress, or those who may exhibit disruptive behavior, it is important to step up and speak out.  Learn more about the Step Up Speak Out initiative, contact the Dean of Students at 330.672.4050.