SRVSS provides programming that can be delivered to residence halls, student organizations, campus departments and members of the community. Each program can be presented at the Williamson House for groups up to 20 attendees or on site for your group.

Below is a list of the programs available for presentation.  In addition, programs can be developed to focus on specific issues of interest to your organization or department.  Please contact the SRVSS at 330-672-8016 if you are interested in scheduling a program.

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So, What's With the Green Dot?

What's this green dot everyone is talking about?  Learn about the Green Dot strategy while engaging students in taking immediate action to being proactive in keeping our community safe. The basic elements of this workshop are used to introduce groups throughout the university to Green Dot, generate community-wide buy-in, and begin the process of culture change at Kent State.

Audience: Students
Format: Interactive
Time: 60 minutes


The Love Labyrinth

Through a mix of short videos, activities and a discussion, this workshops explores behaviors in healthy and unhealthy relationships.  It looks at the pattern of escalation by an abusive partner to manipulate and control the relationship.  and how bystanders can intervene early on to prevent harm.

Audience: Students
Format: Interactive, Classroom, Lounge, Any size group
Time: 90 minutes


In Their Shoes: Walking the path of a survivor.

A powerful experiential workshop for members of Kent State that helps to identify barriers survivors face in disclosing sexual or relationship violence.  The workshop increases ones' understanding of systems survivors must navigate both university and community based when reporting or seeking assistance.  Finally the workshop educates on university policy, resources and what we can all to to break down these barriers.

Audience: Students or Employees
Format: Interaction, discussion 
Time: 60-90 minutes


Clothesline Shirt making Session.

The Clothesline Project, started on Cape Cod, MA in 1990, is a vehicle for those affected by sexual violence to express their emotions by decorating a shirt. The shirts are then hung on a clothesline to be viewed by others as testimony to the problem of violence against women, men and children.  Anyone on campus can make a shirt for the Clothesline Project. Classes, student groups, residence hall communities are involved.

Hosts are asked to:

  • Provide a private space for people to make shirts (enclosed room or lounge)
  • Advertise the session to your group and beyond
  • Provide blank shirts for using during the session (your group can get them donated or purchase them.)  
    • If this is not possible, please still contact us to discuss other ways to get shirts.

The SRVSS Office will provide the following:

  • Paint and markers for decorating the shirts
  • Staff for the session
  • Resources to share with participants

Audience: Students, Faculty, or Staff
Format: Interactive, Any Size Group
Time: 45-60 minutes


Additional Topics Available:  



Responding to Disclosure


Faculty and Staff Professional Development 

Care, Connect, Contact: Balancing Support and Compliance

Stories of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking continue to flood the news.  With the #MeToo movement, more survivors are speaking out.  As an institution, we need to create a safe community with an intolerance to violence and a caring environment where survivors are believed and supported in their healing. It starts with the first person they tell. Research shows survivors are more likely to disclose an assault to someone they know and trust; such as an academic advisor or respected faculty member. How do faculty and staff provide the support students seek while still following policy around notifying the university?

Audience: Faculty or Staff
Format: Conference Room, Meeting Space, any Size Group
Time: 25-40 minutes

Green Dot for Employees

What's this green dot everyone is talking about? Learn how you as an employee can engage students and colleagues in taking immediate action to being proactive in keeping our community safe. This workshop will introduce you to the Green Dot movement, generate communitywide buy-in and begin the process of culture change at Kent State.

Audience: Faculty and Staff
Format: Interactive
Time: 60 minutes

Sexual & Relationship Violence Support Services Overview Presentation

Did you know Kent State has a group of people committed to supporting survivors of sexual violence and ensuring that all members of our community have access to resources and information?   This presentation will give the overview about the services and educational programming offered through SRVSS (Sexual & Relationship Violence Support Services).

Audience: Faculty, Staff, or Students
Format: Residence Halls, Conference Room, Classroom, any Size Group
Time: 15-30 minutes