Kent State College of Communication and Information

McGilvrey Kidnap

In 1941, a writing exercise for high school journalists visiting Kent State was centered around a fictional kidnapping of the university's first president, John E. McGilvrey. In a pre-internet version of a "home page takeover," the stories ran on the front page of the Kent Stater - without including information revealing that they were not real!

Student chef Alexander Richardson

A student chef's culinary journey to his dream took him from Cuyahoga Community College to Kent State. 

TV2 covering Pres. Biden visit.

Two student reporters from Kent State had the opportunity to cover President Joe Biden's recent visit to East Palestine, Ohio. 

Ava Moss

Ava Moss believes in embracing what life has to offer one major event at a time. What began as tough days sleeping on a friend's couch has now led to a full-time job with Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Ava and Katie Chaney

A proud Mom (and Kent State employee) shared photos from her daughter's Summer Commencement.

Bob Christy with confetti at commencement

Bob Christy, a well-known figure on campus for more than 23 years, received a graduate degree from Kent State on Thursday.

Avery Hall

Serving as the Chair of the May 4 Task Force has been something communication studies major Avery Hall, ’23, describes as one of the most impactful and rewarding experiences she’s had at Kent State University. “May 4, 1970, is a living legacy at Kent State with relevant implications for students today. Continuing the legacy of May 4th quickly became of great importance to me,” she said.

Bateman Gold team members

With fake news running rampant across the country, organizations like the News Literacy Project are on a mission to create better informed, more engaged and more empowered individuals. This spring, Kent State public relations students earned national recognition for their work creating a campaign that advanced this non-profit’s mission. 

School of Emerging Media and Technology
OCWIC conference

Catherine Smith, a professor in the School of Emerging Media and Technology and School of Information, said she remembers the days of male-dominated tech conferences with so little space for women, even the restrooms were exclusive to men. 

Dana White

In America, conversations about grief and loss are often avoided, and in art, tend to be sugarcoated, or even “corny.”

Kent State Assistant Professor and independent filmmaker Dana White is changing that narrative through her work, and was recently recognized by the Ohio Arts Council.