CELEMI Agile Move™

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This program qualifies as one of the core programs to earn the  Supervision and Management Advanced Certificate.

In CELEMI Agile Move™, participants work in teams to explore and develop an Agile mindset. This digital business simulation is set in a fictitious company dealing with the typical operational, strategic and leadership challenges that many organizations are facing today. Participants work through the challenges and discuss and agree on which route to take – and get instant feedback on how well their decisions align with agile principles. The business impact of each decision is made clear, and teams compete to see who can work in the most agile manner and deliver the best results.

  • Learn to Quickly Adapt and Respond to Changing Market Conditions
  • Drive Success in an Ambiguous World by Applying Agile Principles
  • Develop a Big-picture Understanding of Applying Agile Principles – Independent of Which Agile Method is Used
  • Understand the When and Why of Agile Thinking
  • Read Two Case Studies That Illustrate Agile Thinking and Processing

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site or virtually for your employees and leaders.

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Ned Parks Ned Parks

As an entrepreneur, author and radio talk show host, as well as a community leader and outdoor enthusiast, Ned Parks pulls from a wealth of experience to deliver upbeat and highly interactive programs.

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“I learned a lot and feel good about being able to apply it to my own team”

Mike Hines, Operations Manager
Eaton Corporation

“Great program, Agile is an underused concept, could be applied for everything”

Adolfo Morales, Marketing and Strategies Manager PQ Mexico
Eaton Corporation