AMLCI Materials Day 2021- Materials for Energy and Sensing

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Where & When

Materials Day will take place virtually on

April 9, 2021

5:45 pm - Opening Remarks

6:00 pm - Key Note Speaker: Nathan S. Lewis, George L. Argyros Professor of Chemistry, California Institute of Technology

7:10 pm - TED talks from three Fellowship Awardees

Glenn H. Brown Fellowship - Recipient - Runa KoizumiFor outstanding graduate students who are engaged in research on biological or biology related topics of liquid crystals. Presented by Nancy Brown

Alfred Saupe Fellowship - Recipient - Chenrun Feng: For outstanding graduate students working on physics or material sciences of liquid crystals. Presented by Arne Saupe

James Fergason Fellowship - Recipient - Hemantha Prageeth Rajapaksha: For outstanding graduate students working on applied research using liquid crystals.



April 10, 2021

Research Presentations

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

1:30 pm - 5:05 pm

Poster Session

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm




The theme of the 2021 AMLCI Materials Day “Materials for Energy and Sensing” recognizes the societal need for materials and methods for energy harvesting, energy storage and energy efficiency, as well as for materials and devices that can interpret cues from their environment (sensors). Topics will range from artificial photosynthesis to produce chemical fuels, fuel cells and switchable liquid crystal devices for energy savings in buildings to toxic gas or biosensors to organic field effect transistors for medical sensor technology and much more. The event is co-hosted by the AMLCI and the Environmental Science and Design Research Initiative (ESDRI) at Kent State and will focus particularly on select classes of advanced materials that are designed to have a direct and beneficial impact on our environment, our health and our safety. In addition to these more applied aspects, Materials Day 2021 will also feature fundamental research on how advanced materials interact with their environment in new and unusual ways -- bending when exposed to light, changing color when subjected to changes in temperature, etc., which will form the basis for future energy and sensors applications.


Nathan S. Lewis

Nathan S. Lewis

George L. Argyros Professor of Chemistry
California Institute of Technology

April 9, 2021


Nathan S. Lewis, Ph.D., is the George L. Argyros Professor of Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology where he has been a faculty member since 1988. Lewis is best known for developing artificial photosynthesis technology that enables sustainable production of hydrogen fuel using sunlight, water and carbon dioxide as well as an “electronic nose” for artificial olfaction. From 2009 to 2019 he served as editor-in-chief of Energy and Environmental Science, a journal focusing on sustainable energy research, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. He is the recipient of the Princeton Environmental Award and the American Chemical Society Award in Pure Chemistry. In 2019, he was the recipient of the Europe Section Heinz Gerischer Award for his outstanding contribution to the science of semiconductor electrochemistry and photoelectrochemistry. In 2017, Lewis was elected to the National Academy of Inventors. He holds approximately 70 U.S. and foreign patents. Lewis has authored more than 500 papers and mentored more than 100 graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.





Poster Session

Materials Day will have a poster session in Zoom for anyone who is registered to come and ask questions.  To present your poster at Materials Day, prepare a pdf copy of it, as well as a pdf copy of your abstract based on the template below.

You must remove proprietary information from your poster before submission. All posters will be available through OAKS (Open Access at Kent State) permanently. This means that anyone can view your poster after Materials Day 2021 is over.

More information about OAKS:

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