Dear Alumni and Friends,

As the director of the Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute, I am inspired by the historic role our institute has played in the development of key technologies for flat panel liquid crystal displays (LCDs), switchable windows and writing tablets, among others. Today, the field is rapidly expanding into new and exciting directions that will help shape the future in fields as diverse as medical sensors, drug delivery, telecommunications, smart coatings, and energy harvesting and storage.


Torsten Hegmann, FRSC

I am proud of our strong roots and our educational achievements. Our world-class faculty, with the help of students, have made a significant impact on science and technology through countless inventions and scientific breakthroughs. Now, more than ever, science and technology in advanced materials and liquid crystals will shape how we communicate with each other and our environment, how we harvest renewable energy and how we detect and treat disease.

Your gifts support our collective efforts to train the next generation of word-leaders, enhance our educational as well as entrepreneurial mission and facilitate critical expansions of our core research facilities.

It is my distinct pleasure to serve as the director of this world-renowned institute and work with astonishing faculty as well as highly talented students and postdoctoral scholars from around the globe. I am eternally grateful to our many generous donors, and trust that, together, we can shape the future of materials science here at Kent State University.

With appreciation,

Torsten Hegmann, Ph.D., FRSC
Director and Professor
Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute

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    Photo of student working on a project
    Expansion of AMLCI Research and Educational Space  - Situated in the lower level of the highly visible Integrated Sciences Building (ISB) will be a cutting-edge facility that includes instructional spaces, research labs and offices, study areas and common areas for student, faculty and community interaction and events. Cohabitated by the AMLCI and the Brain Health Research Institute, this expansion will focus on highly interdisciplinary science on advanced materials at the interface to liquid crystals and push the frontiers of materials science for applications in drug delivery, brain imaging, implants, 3D tissue regeneration as well as disease detection and treatment. Endowed Professorships - Recognizing the significant shift of liquid crystal and soft matter science and technology, the AMLCI seeks support for an endowed professorship in soft nanobiomaterials that will take center stage in our collaborative interactions with other institutes at KSU such as the Brain Health Research Institute and Design Innovation Initiative.
  • Creation of Level II Biolaboratory - To complement our existing facilities that paved the way for our world-renowned strength in liquid crystal science and technology, the AMLCI recognizes the growing emphasis on medical and biological applications in advanced materials and liquid crystals. To enable future advances in this field and continue to lead globally, AMLCI scientists need local access to a level II biolaboratory for critical studies involving cell cultures, bacteria and certain types of viruses.
  • Ideation and Maker Space at the AMLCI - To further increase our global footprint in the science and technology of advanced materials and liquid crystals, the AMLCI fosters top-notch education as well as entrepreneurial thinking. Graduate students and postdoctoral students have excelled in this environment, creating several successful start-up companies over the past decades. The competition is fierce, and only the best prepared will flourish. To enable the next generation of inventors and start-up companies set to develop that first minimum viable product, the AMLCI needs to establish an ideation and maker space. This space would be home to instructional facilities, prototyping tools and serve as a hub for mentorship and visionaries. Innovation needs curiosity and curious minds need space to grow.
  • AMLCI Advanced Materials Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowships - To continue to attract the brightest minds from around the world, the AMLCI, in partnership with donors, will establish graduate student and postdoctoral fellowships. The key emphasis of these fellowships is to enable scholars to pursue independent research under the auspices of faculty mentors with particular focus on entrepreneurial thinking.

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