Environmental Health and Safety

Much of what we do in art brings us into contact with hazardous materials and processes, as well as tools and equipment that need proper safe procedures. Don’t be alarmed—be aware. This safety guide provides basic information on the primary hazards associated with different artistic mediums along with the safe use of tools and equipment.

This information is not meant to discourage you from practicing your art! Instead, it is meant to make you a wiser and healthier art practitioner—all that you have to do is 1) read this information, 2) know what you’re dealing with before you start working in an area where hazardous materials or processes are used and 3) follow the recommended precautions.

Improper use of equipment, poor work practices, inappropriate handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials can have dire consequences on your health and safety.

The Environmental Health and Safety Standard Operating Procedures for the School of Art are outlined in the PDF below.