Kent Blossom Art Intensives History

Kent State University’s Kent Blossom Art Intensives (KBAI) program has a rich history as a pioneering and immersive visual art experience for students. 

Since the inception of the program in 1968, the School of Art has invited an exciting array of professional visiting artists from around the country to work with students at Kent State during these summer intensives in various studio disciplines. As we celebrate this over fifty-year legacy, we take time to look back on all the amazing artists who have worked with our students throughout the years, helping them grow as artists and expand their visions in their chosen disciplines.

KBAI Visiting Artist List

KBAI Visiting Artists Throughout History:

1968 Painting Richard Anuszkiewicz
1969 Painting Philip Pearlstein
  Painting Wayne Thiebaud
  Sculpture Frank Gallo
1970 Painting Alex Katz
  Painting Jack Tworkov
  Ceramics James Melchert
  Sculpture Peter Voulkos
1971 Painting Leon Golub
  Painting R.B. Kitaj
  Sculpture Otto Piene
1972 Cinematography Will Hindle
  Jewelry Robert Ebendorf
  Jewelry Brent Kington
  Painting Al Held
  Painting Adja Yunkers
1973 Cinematography Hollis Frampton
  Cinematography Gerald O’Grady
  Painting Nathan Oliveira
  Painting Milton Resnick
  Sculpture Richard Hunt
  Sculpture Richard Stankiewicz
1974 Painting Walter Darby Bannard
  Painting Don Eddy
  Painting Larry Zox
  Sculpture James Melchert
  Sculpture Richard McDermott Miller
1975 Art Critic Dore Ashton
  Jewelry Phillip Fike
  Jewelry Ted Hallman, Jr.
  Jewelry Marilyn Heimovics
  Jewelry William Neumann
  Painting Clarence Carter
  Painting Julian Stanczak
  Painting Adja Yunkers
  Sculpture Athena Tacha
1976 Glassblowing Joel P. Myers
  Graphic Design Barbara Stauffacher Solomon
  Graphic Design Rudolph de Harak
  Jewelry Robert Edendorf
  Jewelry Mary Lee Hu
  Jewelry Eleanor Moty
  Jewelry William Neumann
  Jewelry/Photography Weston Andrews
  Sculpture Duane Hanson
  Sculpture David Stoltz
1977 Graphic Design David Colley
  Graphic Design Daniel Friedman
  Graphic Design Phillip Hamilton
  Graphic Design Kenneth Hiebert
  Jewelry/Metals Arline Fisch
  Jewelry/Metals Mary Lee Hu
  Jewelry/Metals William Neumann
  Jewelry/Metals Robert von Neumann
  Jewelry/Metals J. Fred Woell
  Painting Janet Fish
  Painting Alex Katz
  Printmaking Clinton Hill
  Printmaking Michael Ponce de Leon
  Printmaking Thomas Seawell
1978 Art History Lawrence Alloway
  Art History Roger Welchans
  Graphic Design Bruce Blackburn
  Graphic Design Wilburn Bonnel
  Graphic Design William Como
  Graphic Design Ray Gibson
  Graphic Design Jerome Humbert
  Graphic Design Chris Nehlen
  Graphic Design Roy Paul Nelson
  Graphic Design Greg Paul
  Graphic Design Jan V. White
  Jewelry/Sm. Sculpture Don Drumm
  Jewelry/Sm. Sculpture Marcia Lewis
  Jewelry/Sm. Sculpture Tom Markusen
  Painting Jack Beal
  Painting Forbes Whiteside
  Printmaking Al Blaustein
  Printmaking Jack Soneneberg
  Sculpture Forrest Warden Myers
1979 Fiber: Surface Design Lenore Davis
  Fiber: Surface Design Joan Sterrenburg
  Fiber: Surface Design Yoshika Wada
  Illustration Roy Curruthers
  Illustration Wilson McLean
  Illustration Mark McMahon
  Illustration Greg Paul
  Illustration Theo Rudnak
  Illustration Murray Tinkelman
  Painting Leigh Behnke
  Painting Don Eddy
  Painting John Pearson
  Sculpture Clement Meadmore
  Sculpture Dennis Oppenheim
1980 Ceramics Robert Forbes
  Ceramics Wayne Higby
  Ceramics Kurt Weiser
  Graphic Design Bruce Blackburn
  Graphic Design Stephan Geissbuhler
  Graphic Design Don Levy
  Graphic Design John Plunkett
  Painting Pat Adams
  Painting Deborah Remington
  Sculpture Peter Gourfain
  Sculpture Michael Hall
1981 Ceramics David Tell
  Ceramics Jacquelin Rice
  Glass Dale Chihuly
  Glass Dick Marquis
  Graphic Design Ken Carbone
  Graphic Design Keith Godard
  Graphic Design Valerie Pettis
  Painting Ed Mieczkowski
  Painting Ed Paschke
  Sculpture Howard Kalish
  Sculpture Lila Katzen
1982 Ceramics Clary Illian
  Ceramics Walter Ostrom
  Glass Marvin Lipofsky
  Glass Bert van Loo
  Graphic Design/Illustration Christopher J. Garland
  Graphic Design/Illustration April Greinman
  Graphic Design/Illustration Jayme Odgers
  Jewelry/Metals Fred Fenster
  Jewelry/Metals Carol Kumata
  Painting/Drawing Nancy Hagin
  Painting/Drawing Neil Welliver
  Sculpture Peter Agostini
  Sculpture Ed Mayer
1983 Ceramics William Daley
  Ceramics Mark Pharis
  Computer Art Copper Giloth
  Computer Art Jane Veeder
  Fiber Diane H. Itter
  Fiber John McQueen
  Graphic Design/TV Christopher Pullman
  Graphic Design/TV Douglass Scott
  Graphic Design/TV Paul D. Souza
  Graphic Design/TV Tom Sumida
  History of Graphic Design Dr. Sara Jane Pearman
  Jewelry/Metals Robert W. Ebendorf
  Jewelry/Metals David Keens
  Jewelry/Metals Ivy Ross
  Painting Raymond Parker
  Painting Miriam Schapiro
  Lecturer – Modern Art Carrie Rickey
1984 Computer Art Copper Giloth
  Graphic Design Michael Manwaring
  Graphic Design Woody Pirtle
  Graphic Design Michael Vanderbyl
  Jewelry/Metals Pierre Degen
  Painting Katherine Porter
  Painting Joan Thorne
  Painting Philip Wofford
  Papermaking Walter Nottingham
  Papermaking Bernard Toale
  Performance Connie May
  Performance Cynthia Robinson-Taylor
  Performance Tomasz Sikorski
  Performance Carolee Schneeman
  Performance Marilyn Wood
1985 Fiber Arts Sandra Brownlee-Ramsdale
  Fiber Arts Arturo Sandoval
  Glass Paul Marioni
  Glass Stanislav Libensky
  Graphic Design Jeff Barnes
  Graphic Design Chris Garland & Patti Ryan
  Graphic Design Robert Vogele
  Illustration Alan E. Cober
  Illustration Gary Kelley
  Painting Martha Diamond
  Painting April Gornik
  Painting Sylvia Mangold
  Printmaking Louise Neaderland
  Printmaking Michael Ponce de Leon
  Sculpture Vito Acconci
  Sculpture Chris Burden
1986 Ceramics Jacqui Poncelet
  Ceramics Michael Simon
  Ceramics Toshiko Takaezu
  Graphic Design Bruce Charonnat
  Graphic Design Clement Mok
  Graphic Design Marjorie Spiegelman
  Graphic Design Tom Hughes
  KSUCDA Graphic Design Mervyn Kurlansky
  KSUCDA Graphic Design F.H.K. Henrion
  Jewelry/Metals Michael Good
  Jewelry/Metals Robert Lee Morris
  Jewelry/Metals Marjorie Schick
  Painting Joyce Kozloff
  Painting Alan Shields
  Painting Terrence LaNoue
  Papermaking Frank Gallo
  Papermaking Diane Katsiaficas
  Sculpture Richard Deacon
  Sculpture Antony Gormley
1987 ??? ????
1988 Painting Elizabeth Dworkin
  Painting Richard Hennessy
  Sculpture Alison Wilding
  Sculpture Shirazeh Houshiary
  Graphic Design Bruno Monguzzi
  Graphic Design James Hinchee
  Graphic Design Phillip Hales
  Graphic Design Don Kline
  Ceramics Ron Nagle
  Ceramics Anna-Marie Osipow
  Fiber Arts Dorothy Caldwell
  Fiber Arts Diane Sheehan
  Fiber Arts Barbara Eckhardt
  Fiber Arts Annet Couwenber
1989 Painting Peter Halley
  Painting Jonathan Lasker
  Sculpture Ann Hamilton
  Sculpture Keith Milow
  Printmaking Andrew Stasik (John Szoke Graphics)
  Fiber Arts Elaine Reichek
  Fiber Arts Kai Chan
  Critic Dan Cameron
  Critic David Carrier
  Critic Frances Barth
  Graphic Design Michael Bierut (Vignelli Associates)
  Graphic Design Steve Tolleson
  Graphic Design John Coy
  KSUCDA Luanne Cohen (Adobe Systems)
  KSUCDA Tom Weisz (Weisz, Yang, & Dunkelberger)
  KSUCDA Bob Eisner (Editorial Art)
  UCDADCU Elizabeth Wood (Egeland, Wood & Zuber)
  UCDADCU Terri Lonier (Portico Press)
1990 Painting Thomas Lawson
  Painting William Mentor
  Painting Thomas Nozkowski
  Painting Jean Feinberg
  Painting John Moore
  Sculpture Peter Boynton
  Sculpture Curtis Mitchell
  Sculpture Nigel Rolfe
  Sculpture John Zinsser
  Papermaking Helen Frederick
  Papermaking Karen Stahlecker
  Enameling Darry Faust (Ferro)
  Enameling Martin Hansom (Enamelist Society)
  Enameling John Puskas (The Carriage House)
  Enameling Carl G. Sundberg (Erie Ceramics Arts)
  Enameling Elizabeth Turrell
  Enameling Joe Zewalk (Ferro)
  Graphic Design Art Chantry
  Graphic Design Jan Baker
  Graphic Design Nina Sabnani
  Graphic Design Mike Hicks (Hixo Inc.)
  KSUCDA Robert Tauber
  KSUCDA Phillip M. Hamilton
  UCDADCU Michael Patrick Cronan
  UCDADCU Robert Schwartz Bach (Cronan Design)
  UCDADCU Don Craig (Adobe Systems)
1991 Painting Jacqueline Humphries
  Painting Donald Baechler
  Painting Ron Shuebrook
  Painting Stephen Ellis
  Painting Cora Cohen
  Painting Joshua Decter
  Fiber Arts Ewa Latkowka-Zychska
  Fiber Arts Susan Shie
  Fiber Arts Lillian Tyrell
  Glass Bob Carleson
  Glass Fred Tshida
  Printmaking Martha Wilson
  Printmaking Julie Friedman
  Printmaking Michael Loderstedt
  Ceramics John Gill
  Ceramics Mary Woo
  Graphic Design Paul Hodgson
  Graphic Design Gary Ludwig
  Graphic Design Jeanette Hanna
  Graphic Design James Reidhaar
  Graphic Design Dennis Ichiyama
1992 ??? ???
1993 Painting Carl Ostendarp
  Painting Betsey Batchelor
  Painting John Moore
  Painting Bill Komoski
  Printmaking Robert Tauber
  Printmaking Janice Troutman-Rains
  Printmaking Michael Loderstedt
  Printmaking Julie Friedman
  Ceramics Ron Meyers
  Ceramics Patrick Siler
  Ceramics Sarah Bodine
  Ceramics Michael Dumas
  Enameling Glenn Zweygardt
  Enameling Harold Balazs
  Enameling Elizabeth Turrell
  Enameling Kathy Kay Taylor
  Enameling Deanna Robb
  Enameling Darry Faust (Ferro)
  Enameling Joe Zewalt (Ferro)
  KSUCDA Luanne Seymour Cohen (Adobe Systems)
  KSUCDA Steve Lyons
  KSUCDA Robert Schwarzbach (Art Lab)
  KSUCDA Michael Brock (Michael Brock Design)
  KSUCDA Jerry Herring (Herring Design Studio)
1994 Painting Ron Janowich
  Painting Willy Heeks
  Painting Timothy App
  Sculpture Sean Landers
  Sculpture Hillary Leone
  Book Arts Susan Share
  Surface Design Zena Zipporah
  Fiber Arts Emily Dubois
  Glass Dana Zamecnikova
  Graphic Design Robert Schwarzbach
  Graphic Design Michael Brock
  Graphic Design Jerry Herring
  Graphic Design Luanne Seymour Cohen
  Graphic Design Steve Lyons
1995 Painting Stephen Westfall
  Painting David Row
  Painting Mary Heilmann
  Sculpture Claudia Matzko
  Sculpture Patti Martori
  Sculpture Hauzer Wirth
  Sculpture Tom Cobbet
  Sculpture Curtis Mitchell
  Printmaking Frances Myers
  Printmaking James Pernotto
  Jewelry/Metals Kate Wagle
  Jewelry/Metals Martha Glowacki
  Ceramics Jin Hwan Bae
  Ceramics Kim Dickey (Greenwich House Pottery)
  Graphic Design Robert Schwarzbach
  Graphic Design Lance Hildy
  Graphic Design Russell Brown
  Graphic Design Rich Valicenti
  Graphic Design Gerald Lange
  Graphic Design Jilly Simons
  Graphic Design Margo Chase
1996 Painting Polly Apfelbaum
  Painting Denise Green
  Sculpture Daniel Wiener
  Sculpture Maureen Connor
  Printmaking Kevin Hogan
  Printmaking Stanley Boxer
  Ceramics Patti Warashina
  Ceramics Jim Melchert
  Ceramics Jin Bae
  Textile Arts Warren Selig
  Textile Arts Rebecca Medel
  Jewelry/Metals Chris Ramsey
  Jewelry/Metals Joseph Wood
  VCD Susan King
  VCD Lori Siebert
  VCD Dana Arnett
  VCD Robert Schwarzbach
  VCD Louis Fishauf
  VCD Kathy Warinner
1997 Painting Shirley Kaneda
  Painting Emil Lucas
  Sculpture Saul Ostrow
  Sculpture Felim Egan
  Printmaking Steven Anderson
  Printmaking Sue Coe
  Ceramics Richard Notkin
  Ceramics Mary Roehm
  Glass Therman Statom
1998 Painting Laura Lisbon
  Painting James Hyde
  Sculpture Lisa Hoke
  Sculpture Glen Seator
  Printmaking Curlee Raven Holton
  Printmaking Steve Murakishi
  Jewelry/Metals Bob Ebendorf
  Jewelry/Metals Harriete Estel Berman
  Ceramics Tony Marsh
  Ceramics Aurora Chabot
  Textile Arts John McQueen
  Textile Arts Barbara Cooper
  VCD Carol Barton
  VCD Lana Rigsby
  VCD Michael Balas
  VCD George Jardine
1999 Painting Nancy Haynes
  Painting David Humphrey
  Sculpture Joel Otterson
  Book Arts Julie Chen
  Printmaking Eric Avery
  Printmaking Barbara Delano
  Ceramics Larry Bush
  Ceramics Cary Esser
  Jewelry/Metals Judy Onofrio
  Jewelry/Metals Susan Kingsley
2000 ??? ???
2001 ??? ???
2002 Painting Christian Haub
  Painting David Craven
  Sculpture Beverly Semmes
  Sculpture Charles Long
  Printmaking Joseph Sequra
  Printmaking James Hajicek
  Printmaking Amy Bay
  Textile Arts Bethany Knudsen
  Ceramics Richard Shaw
2003 Painting Ingrid Calame
  Painting Nina Bovasso
  Sculpture Tara Donavan
  Sculpture John Newman
  Printmaking Emily Martin
  Printmaking Marc Lepson
  Ceramics John Mason
  Ceramics Ron Nagle
  Jewelry/Metals Pierre Cavalan
2004 Sculpture Bonnie Collura
  Sculpture Rona Pondick
  Textiles Pauline Verbeek-Cowart
  Textiles Bhakti Ziek
  Jewelry/Metals Jan Baum
  Jewelry/Metals Deborah Lazier
  Glass Jack Wax
  Ceramics George Strange
  Ceramics Kurt Weiser
2005 Painting Joe Fyfe
  Painting Cadence Giersbach
  Ceramics John Glick
  Ceramics Jason Hess
  Ceramics Rhue Bruggeman
  Sculpture Siobhan Liddell
  Sculpture Peter Shelton
  Printmaking Marshall Weber
  Printmaking Craig Zammiello
2006 Ceramics Candy Depew
  Ceramics John Toki
  Ceramics Debbie Weinstein
  Painting Reed Anderson
  Painting Alison Fox
  Printmaking Nico Dockx
  Printmaking Jean Kirsten
  Sculpture Diana Al Hadid
  Sculpture Virgil Marti
  Textiles Pat Kinsella
2008 Painting Mary Lum
  Painting Garth Weiser
  Sculpture Martin Kersels
  Sculpture Michael Shaughnessy
  Printmaking Peter Nesbett
  Printmaking Shelly Bancroft
  Glass Scott Chaseling
  Ceramics Frank Bosco
  Ceramics Sanam Emami
2009 Painting Steve DiBenedetto
  Painting Josh Smith
  Ceramics Val Cushing
  Ceramics Josh DeWeese
  Sculpture James Clark
  Sculpture Michelle Segre
  Printmaking Steffan Hoffman
  Printmaking Leslie Muchler
  Textiles Janet Stoyel
  Jewelry/Metals Arthur Hash
  Jewelry/Metals Miel-Margarita Parede
  Glass Ross Richmond
2010 Printmaking Andrew Mockler
  Printmaking Holly Morrison
  Glass Robin Cass
  Painting Josh Blackwell
  Painting Jiha Moon
  Sculpture Jean Shin
  Sculpture Daniel Webb
  Ceramics Paul Adelaide
  Ceramics Hirotsune Tashima
2011 Jewelry/Metals Kristin Beeler
  Jewelry/Metals Linda Threadgill
  Painting Ati Maeir
  Painting Lisa Sanditz
  Ceramics Paul Adelaide
  Ceramics Tom Bartel
  Printmaking Mark Franchino
  Printmaking Robert Tillman
  Sculpture Maud Cotter
  Sculpture Nicholas Van Woert
  Textiles Rowland Rickets
  Textiles Jessica Smith
2012 Ceramics Chuck Hindes
  Ceramics Sam Hoffman
  Jewelry/Metals Mary Hallam Pearse
  Jewelry/Metals Renee Zettle-Sterling
  Painting Zak Smith
  Painting Sue Williams
  Printmaking Frederick Mershimer
  Printmaking Michael DeCerbo
  Sculpture Richard Rezac
  Sculpture Christin Bourette
  Glass Susan Taylor Glasgow
  Glass Sam Stang
2013 Painting James Siena
  Painting Lisa Sanditz
  Sculpture Michelle Lopez
  Sculpture Elana Herzog
  Printmaking Guillermo Trejo
  Printmaking Stefan Hoffman
  Ceramics Julia Galloway
  Ceramics Marc Lancet
2014 Printmaking Randy Bolton
  Printmaking Melissa Brown
  Sculpture John Monti
  Sculpture Hilary Harnischfeger
  Painting Tommy White
  Painting Alex Olson
  Ceramics David Alban
  Ceramics Matthew Courtney
  Glass Jeff Ballard
2015 Textiles Jennifer Angus
  Textiles Michael Radyk
  Painting Ati Maier
  Painting Jackie Saccoccio
  Sculpture Tom Cobett
2016 Painting Angela Dufresne
  Painting Steve Roden
  Ceramics Adam Field
  Ceramics Lauren Gallaspy
  Printmaking Amy Cutler
  Printmaking Corrie Slawson
2017 Textiles Cathryn Amidei
  Sculpture Karyn Olivier
  Sculpture Artistotle Georgiades
  Ceramics Sunshine Cobb
  Ceramics Matt Wedel
  Painting John Dilg
  Painting Sascha Braunig
  Print Media Enrique Chagoya
  Print Media Anita Jung
2018 Ceramics Shannon Goff
  Ceramics Bryan Hopkins
  Print Media Susanna Crum
  Print Media Amanda Lee
  Glass Grant Garmezy
  Glass Erin Garmezy
2019 Print Media Emily Arthur
  Print Media Valerie Hammond
  Painting Patrick Bernan
  Painting Holly Coulis
  Glass Einar De La Torre
  Glass Jamix De La Torre
  Glass Jamix De La Torre
  Sculpture Todd Slaughter
  Sculpture Raine Bedsole
  Ceramics Joanna Powell
  Ceramics Judith Salomon
  Textiles Samantha Bettman
  Textiles Rickets Chinami
  Jewelry/Metals/Enameling Marissa Saneholtz
2022 Print Media Katherine Polk
  Print Media Althea Murphy-Price
  Jewelry/Metals/Enameling Nash Quinn
  Sculpture Chris Mahonski
  Sculpture Doug Rieger
  Painting Gina Beavers
  Painting Omar Valezquez
2023 Ceramics Heesoo Lee
  Ceramics Steven Lee
  Textiles Jose Santiago-Perez
  Textiles Melissa Leandro
  Glass Aya Oki Salinas
  Glass Leo Tecosky
  Painting Kelsy Schwetz
  Painting Gumby Aleronce



old photo of alex katz working with students in 1970
Alex Katz with students, 1970

The program was initially called the Blossom-Kent Art Program and was a part of the Blossom Festival School, an intensive arts education initiative that included visual arts, music and theater.  The program was started when the Cleveland Orchestra moved to a new summer home at Blossom Music Center, just north of Akron, and about 15 miles from the Kent State Campus.  Some very important decisions were made at this time, notably the concept of creating not only a music program for Northeastern Ohio, but expanding this to a genuine cultural center.  Under an agreement with the Cleveland Musical Arts Association, Kent State University instituted two new programs; an intensive musical apprenticeship program, using the Cleveland Orchestra members, together with visiting musicians, and an equally intensive art program with carefully selected students and a distinguished group of visiting artists. A theater program was added in the summer of 1969, which is now known as Porthouse Theatre.  Students were encouraged to participate in as many facets of the Blossom programs as possible, which includes attending visiting artist lectures and demonstrations of techniques. University bus services were used to transport students to Blossom Music Center from campus and attend free concerts. 

Harold Kitner, a painting professor at the School of Art, founded the Blossom-Kent Art Program.  He wrote the original proposal for the program and served as its director for many years.  He also taught adult drawing and painting classes on the Blossom grounds as a part of the program.  Kitner served as art critic for the Akron Beacon Journal.  

Within the first decade, an impressive roster of visiting artists had formed, including Richard Anuszkiewicz, Philip Pearlstein, Wayne Thiebaud, Otto Piene, Alex Katz, Richard Hunt, Larry Zox, Julian Stanczak, and Arline Fisch. The School of Art has hosted numerous talented and distinguished artists in each of the studio areas: ceramics, drawing/painting, jewelry/metals/enameling, glass, sculpture, printmaking and textiles.  Divisions of the School of Art also once included filmmaking/cinematography, graphic design and illustration.  Artists specializing in performance, papermaking, computer art and book arts, as well as art historians and critics also participated in the program during its fifty-year legacy. 

The addition of a gallery space called Eells Gallery was built in 1974 at Blossom Music Center by architect Peter van Dijk and exhibited artwork from many visiting artists who participated in the Kent Blossom Art program.  The gallery was made possible through a gift from William H. Eells, a retired Ford Motor Co. executive and a gift of Ford Motor Co. Before a permanent space was built, exhibitions were held in tents on the grounds as well as displays of outdoor sculpture. Eells Gallery was also used for artist talks throughout the summer.  The gallery spaces on the Kent campus often showed work by visiting artists as well as student work that resulted from the program. The School of Art Galleries and Collection has also acquired numerous artworks from these visiting artists throughout the years, which can be found in the over 4,000-piece collection. 

Although some aspects of the program have changed over the years, many of the core values remain intact.  The main objectives being “to provide for the infusion of new ideas and attitudes through the introduction of major visiting artists as teachers and to increase art exposure and motivation of the Kent students” in diverse classes of undergraduate, graduate, and a selected group of non-Kent students and artists.