COVID Pilot Grant Awardees

Case Western Reserve University (CWRU): Rapid Response COVID-19 Related Pilot Funding Research Opportunity (June 2020)

Focus: Expanding knowledge or developing new knowledge on the COVID-19 pandemic and SARS-CoV-2.

Funding Partners: Cleveland Brain Health Initiative (CBHI) and the Brain Health Research Institute (BHRI)

The BHRI is a member of the Cleveland Brain Health Initiative. The following BHRI members were awardees:

Joel Hughes, Ph.D., Social and Behavioral Sciences, Kent State University

  • Risk and protective factors for lasting mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

William Lynch, Ph.D., Molecular Virology and Neuroscience, Northeast Ohio College of Medicine

In addition to the CWRU/CBHI COVID Pilot Funding Program, the BHRI also independently awarded a COVID research pilot grant to:

Amy Sato, PhD, Psychological Sciences, Kent State University and Krista Caldwell, PhD, Pediatric Psychologist, Akron Children's Hospital