Megan Carrasco, '16

Megan Carrasco | Communication Studies | Class of 2016

Communication Studies Degree Prepared Alumna for Law School, Beyond

Megan Carrasco's journey to law school, and now as a Judicial Law Clerk for the Arizona Supreme Court, began at Kent State University with her major in Communication Studies.  

“Law is very much communication based; you never have to do just one thing in law,” Carrasco said. 

After graduating in 2016, Carrasco, an Honors student, who minored in Public Relations and Spanish, spent time working and thinking about what she truly wanted to do before going back to graduate school. She ultimately decided the law school process and courses fascinated her, so she began law school at Arizona State University in 2018 and graduated with her Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree in 2021.  

The summer after graduation, Carrasco took the bar examination and received the second highest score in the state of Arizona — a great honor.  

During her time in law school, Carrasco focused on learning about all her options and getting as much experience as possible by doing multiple externships and networking.  

“My key focus when I got to law school was to learn all the different types of lawyers and to figure out the kind of lawyer I wanted to be,” Carrasco said.  

These experiences led her to her current position as a Judicial Law Clerk for the Arizona Supreme Court where she assists a justice with cases. This is one of two clerkships Carrasco will complete. After she finishes her term later this year, she will transition to clerking at the District Court for the District of Arizona. Carrasco will then join Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. at their headquarters in Phoenix.  

Carrasco believes the School of Communication Studies gave her a great foundation for law school, with relevant coursework and supportive faculty. By learning skills such as persuasive speaking, writing, critical thinking and oral advocacy, Carrasco felt prepared to pursue this career path.  

“High Impact Professional Speaking taught me a lot for law school. Having to record my speeches and watch them back as part of my own feedback helped me remove filler words while speaking which was incredibly helpful,” Carrasco said.  

For students interested in law school, Carrasco advises students to talk to those who have practiced law and make connections. She also recommends continuing to network and build relationships with teaching assistants and upper-class students while in law school.  

“It’s never too late to attend law school and pursue a career in law," Carrasco said. 

Something she ended up enjoying the most about law school was how everyone was at a different place in their life, yet still going after a career they were passionate for — just like her.  


Kent State alumna Megan Carrasco is open to connecting with current students about the law school admissions process and her experience through LinkedIn.