Our Values

Students sitting in the CommUNITY Lab Lounge

CommUNITY Lab (CLab) is a comprehensive college transition and success program that offers scholars a network of culturally responsive coordinated care resources at Kent State University. 

CommUNITY Lab was launched in the fall of 2021 to remove financial, academic, and social-emotional barriers to student success for incoming college access students from the Lebron James Family Foundation I PROMISE program, District of Columbia College Access Program (DC-CAP), Say Yes! Cleveland, Upward Bound, and First Star.

Through cross-divisional partnerships, scholars reside together in Lake Hall, learn through co-registered course sections with hand-selected faculty members, plug into campus resources, and co-create individualized achievement plans with dedicated CLab staff.  CommUNITY Lab also provides peer mentorship and signature hands-on learning and development opportunities including service, mentorship, student employment, and immersive travel experiences. 

Scholars build self-efficacy, practice their ability to advocate, and establish connections that form the foundation of a healthy and successful Kent State experience.

  • Mental health and wellness coaching provided through individual and group sessions by a licensed counselor.
  • Financial Literacy sessions in partnership with PNC Bank.
  • Tutoring, academic coaching, and academic case management in collaboration with campus partners such as the Academic Success Center, Trio Student Support Services, and Student Success Programs.
  • Co-registered courses with specially selected faculty members from English, Pan-African Studies, and the Career Exploration and Development office.

Scholars explore their own unique passions, skills, and abilities and how they can be applied to have a positive impact on Kent State and beyond. 

  • Volunteer opportunities provided on-campus and throughout the community such as with the Big Brother Big Sister program at King Kennedy Community Center.
  • Immersive travel experiences to learn about different cultures, provide service, and address social justice issues.

Scholars explore future career paths, network with industry professionals, and identify ways of implementing positive change throughout their future careers.

  • Access to Career Academy, a student employment placement and professional development program
  • Dedicated career counselor to assist with career readiness, resume writing and interviewing skills, and internship and job placement.
  • Career and graduate school visits

Scholars learn the importance of giving back to their peers and the KSU community, hold leadership and mentorship roles, and celebrate all they have learned and accomplished.

  • Lab Leader provides paid leadership and mentorship experience within the community.
  • Connections to various on-campus leadership roles such as Peer Success Mentors and Kupita Transiciones (K/T) Mentors.