About Us

Main Lab

The IRC Main Lab has the following available on a first come first serve basis:

  • 15 Dell Computers
  • 5 Mac Computers
  • 3 Scanners (2 flatbed scanners and 1 upright scanner)
  • 2 ASL Computer Stations

This lab also provides self-serve black-and-white printing using Flashcash, and poster printing, color printing, and lamination with employee assistance. Fingerprinting services are also available by appointment. More information is provided on the services page.

Books, equipment, and test kits are available for check out in the IRC Main Lab. Patrons may visit our online library catalog to explore resources and manage their account at IRC Liberty.

The IRC Main Lab has several tables and chairs available for students and staff to use. One table is reserved for our EHHS tutoring services. Walk-in tutoring is available when tutoring staff are present and do not have scheduled appointments.

Food and drinks are allowed at the tables, but not at the computers.