What is the IRC?

The Instructional Resource Center is a resource library providing media and technology support to faculty, staff, and students in EHHS in support of teaching, learning, and research. The range of support includes: the use of existing media; acquisition of commercially-available media; instructional design of clinical materials; laboratories for the production of media; hardware systems for the use of media; acquisition and demonstration of new technologies; and Computer network support.

How can I teach in a computer lab?

Location of current computer labs:

  • Mac Lab- Room 203
  • Dell Lab - Room 205
  • Dell Lab - Room 211
  • Dell Lab - Room 221B (back of IRC)

These labs may be scheduled by any IRC faculty or staff members. The IRC schedules single sessions only. If you would like to arrange more time in a computer lab, contact your school scheduler.

I have a problem with the printer in a lab. Where do I go for assistance?

Please go to the Tech Office in room 209. If no one is available, please wait. While IRC employees may be able to help troubleshoot minor equipment issues, they are not responsible for repairing University or personally-owned equipment. 

I'm having problems with the network, or my PC with whom can I speak?

Please complete a tech ticket or visit support.kent.edu

Someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible to assist you in resolving the problem. Please include the problem(s) being experienced with as much information as you can, such as what the error message says, or what it is or is not doing. If are unable to use your computer to place the tech ticket, you can use a computer in room 221.

If I don't have money on my FlashCard, can I still print?

You can add money to your FlashCard online with a credit card or debit card. You can also add money to your card by inserting cash into a FlashCard machine. The closest machines are in the Business Building and the Kent State Library. You can also pay us $.10 plus tax per page and we can print materials for you from our staff printer behind the desk.

How do I print off of a computer in a lab?

Go to the File menu and select Print. The EHHSlabs printer should be selected. Select this option and make any necessary adjustments to print settings. Then, send your document(s) to the printer. The computer will then ask for your FlashLine username and password. Enter these, then proceed to the printer. Once at the printer, either swipe your FlashCard or enter your FlashLine username and password once again. All files that have been sent to the printer should appear in the queue on the touch screen. 

How do you print a color copy?

Save the document that you want to print to a flash drive (USB) and take it to the front desk in the IRC. Please ask a member to send your job to the color printer. You may also email the irc (ircehhs@kent.edu) with an attachment, the number of copies you want, and when you can pick them up (please allow 24 hours). Color copies are $0.40 a page and are only payable with credit or debit card.

Can I check out the books that are in the IRC?

Yes, if you are a faculty, staff, or student in the College of EHHS, you may check out materials such as books, OAE study guides, assessment kits, web cams, video cameras, voice recorders, and Chromebooks for a limited time. Laptops, iPads, and projectors are only available for checkout to faculty members. Extended use of these items must be arranged with Julee Henry (jahenry2@kent.edu).  If you have never checked out at the IRC before, you will be asked to fill out a form in which your Banner ID will be required, or you could fill out the online form and save yourself time.

You may browse our library collection at IRC Liberty.

How can I prepare for my background check/fingerprinting appointment?

On the day of your appointment, please bring a valid government-issued ID such as a passport or state driver's license. Your KSU student ID will not be sufficient. Additionally, please know your Social Security Number (you will not need the physical copy, just the number) as well as your BCI and/or FBI reason codes. These codes should be provided by your employer, supervisor, professor or whomever else is requesting the background check. The IRC has a list of codes available for patrons to browse; however, IRC employees are not responsible for providing patrons with the appropriate codes and cannot be held liable if the codes chosen by the patron are determined to be inappropriate after the information has been submitted.