Telecommuting Work Arrangement

The university has developed and finalized a telecommuting policy for employees, Kent State’s administrative policy on telecommuting,  effective Sept. 7, 2021. This policy applies to eligible full-time unclassified employees and full-time, non-represented classified employees on all Kent State campuses.

There is a two-step process for application, which includes an informal and formal process. Advancing to the formal process only takes place if and when the employee has been approved by their respective division/college. Please note the following:

I.    Informal Process

This is the first step in requesting management consideration for telecommuting and will have multiple approval levels. The employee begins by completing a Telecommuting Interest Form. The Telecommuting Interest Form is handled at the department level and will have multiple levels of approval. The following steps and links will provide access to the forms REQUIRED for completion IF an employee has been approved for telecommuting following in Step 1 above. This is considered the FORMAL PROCESS.

II.    Formal Process

Only if an employee is approved by way of the completed “Interest Form,” they then formalize the arrangement by completing the following forms.

  1. Telecommuting Work Arrangement Form (Dynamic Forms) Only to be used once an employee has gone through the Telecommuting Interest Form approval process at the division/department/college level. The telecommuting process must be finalized through HR via this form (Appendix A (PDF)should also be completed at this stage).
  2. Appendix A. Telecommuting Agreement & Technology Checklist (PDF) 
    This form is completed in conjunction with the formal Telecommuting Work Arrangement Form. This is completed by telecommuting employee and supervisor and maintained in the department

Changing or Terminating a Telecommuting Work Arrangement

Changing an existing Telecommuting Arrangement requires starting at the beginning with a Telecommuting Interest Form (Informal Process) and working your way through to the formal process of completing a new Telecommuting Work Arrangement Form in Dynamic Forms.

If an employee or supervisor decides that the employee should return to the campus worksite full-time, a Telecommuting Termination Form must be completed in Dynamic Forms to establish a record of this change.