Frequently Asked Questions


What are my parking permit payment options?

If you are eligible, you may purchase your parking permit through payroll deduction. If you choose this option, the cost of your parking permit will be deducted from your gross pay before the calculation for federal and state income taxes as a pre-tax benefit. You may also purchase your parking permit by using cash, check or credit card; however the pre-tax benefit will not apply to these payment options.

I am part-time faculty or a temporary employee. How do I purchase a permit?

Bring your contract or offer letter to the Parking Services office for employment verification. You can purchase your parking permit by using cash, check or credit card. As a part-time employee, you are not eligible for payroll deduction. In addition to yearly or semester permits, daily, weekly or monthly permits can be purchased to match the length of your university employment.

I purchased a parking permit and the class that I was going to teach was cancelled.  How do I get a refund?

Return your parking permit to Parking Services to receive a prorated refund.

I have been hired to teach an evening class. Do I need a permit?

Yes. Parking Services sells a reduced-rate Faculty/Staff evening parking permit. Bring your contract or offer letter to Parking Services for employment verification. You can purchase your parking permit by using cash, check or credit card. 

I am a graduate assistant or teaching fellow. Do I qualify for a Faculty/Staff permit and payroll deduction?

No. Graduate assistants and teaching fellows are student appointments. When you purchase your student parking permit online, parking permit options for your student appointment will be listed once you login.

Do Regional Campus employees need parking permits to park on the Kent Campus?

Regional Campus parking permits that are specific to that campus are not honored on the Kent Campus.  However, Regional Campus employees can obtain a free Kent Campus parking permit that can be used in designated lots while conducting official university business (i.e. meetings, etc.). Regional Campus employees who teach or attend classes at the Kent Campus must purchase a Kent Campus parking permit from Parking Services.

The Kent Campus permits can be obtained through the employee’s respective Regional Campus office listed below.

Regional Campus Offices
Campus Office
Ashtabula Main Hall-Advancement/Communications Office
East Liverpool Business Office
Geauga Dean's Office
Salem Business Office
Stark Business Office
Trumbull Security Office
Tuscarawas Business Office

I am leaving the university, is my permit automatically canceled when I leave?

No. Your permit is not canceled until it has been returned to Parking Services. Once we receive your parking permit, your payroll deduction will be stopped and you will be issued a refund, if applicable. If you paid for your permit by cash or credit card, you will only receive a refund for the unused portion of the permit.

I'm going to retire soon. How do I get my Retiree permit?

Bring your current permit and your retiree FLASHcard to Parking Services to be issued a Retiree permit. When it is time to renew your permit, a letter with instructions for permit renewals will be sent to you. Retiree permit renewals must be done in person at the Parking Services office. NOTE: The retiree FLASHcard is issued in the FLASHcard Office located on the lower level of the Kent Student Center.


How do I purchase a parking permit?

Parking permits are only sold online through this website. Online sales dates will be posted on this website. To purchase a permit, you must be registered for classes and have an active FlashLine account. Permits may be charged to your student account at the Bursar's Office, charged to a credit card, or paid by an online electronic check. Daily, weekly or monthly parking permits are also available in the Parking Services office.

Are freshmen residence hall students allowed to bring a car to campus?

Yes. Freshmen who have earned less than 30 credit hours can only purchase a Stadium permit.  On-site security is provided 24/7 during the academic year at Dix Stadium. PARTA bus service transports students to and from campus. Visit the PARTA website for bus routes and timetables.

Can I return my permit if I don't need it?

Student parking permits can be returned to Parking Services within the first week of classes for a complete refund. Prorated refunds will be issued thereafter until the cut-off date.

Can I sell my permit to someone else if I don't need it

No, parking permits cannot be resold. Parking permits are the property of Kent State University, issued exclusively by Parking Services, and can be confiscated for misuse.    

What if my permit is lost or stolen?

If your permit is lost or stolen, you must come to the Parking Services office to fill out a lost/stolen report. There is a replacement fee for a new permit. If you find the permit that was reported lost or stolen, return it to Parking Services. Do not display it!  The lost /stolen permit will be placed on a "Hot List" and any vehicle found displaying the permit will be booted and/or towed at the driver's expense.  A referral to Student Conduct and/or the suspension of parking privileges on campus may also occur.

Where can visitors park?

Visitors to the Kent Campus have the following parking options:

  • Park at a parking meter/Passport mobile payment zone. Rates are posted on each meter
  • Purchase a permit from a pay station located within the Student Recreation and Wellness Center lot and the C-Campus Center Drive lot
  • Park at the Student Center visitor's lot, maximum rate: $6 per visit. There is no charge after 6 p.m. on Fridays and on weekends. Please note that the lot is closed from 3 a.m. – 5 a.m. Monday through Friday
  • Purchase a "One Day Only" permit for $4 from Parking Services
  • Purchase an Evening and Weekend Visitor's permit for $30 per semester from Parking Services

View the visitor parking guide (PDF)  and visitor parking map (PDF) for short term parking options.

View the visitor weekend map (PDF) for weekend parking options.

General Questions 

Why does Parking Services sell more parking permits than spaces?

The act of selling more parking permits than available spaces on campus is a common practice done at most major universities across the country.

The idea behind this practice is that not everyone is on campus at the same time every day or even on the same days.  Some people only come to campus Monday and Wednesday evenings while others are here Tuesday and Thursday during the day so it all comes down to class and work schedules.

In an effort to better control overselling permits, we do cap permit sales for all lots.  Capping permit sales increases the likelihood that parkers will find a space within their chosen lot type within a reasonable amount of time.

If the permit that you want to purchase is sold out, you may be given the option to join a waitlist for the permit. Waitlists are only offered for select permits.  The waitlist allows us to control permit sales and release additional permits after the first few weeks of each semester once the traffic settles down and space becomes available.  

I am getting a new car and/or new license plates. What information do you need?

Please update your license plate information by logging in to your account. You need your license plate number and the make and color of the vehicle.

The meter or pay station where I am parked is not working. What should I do?

Malfunctioning meters or pay stations should be reported immediately to Parking Services by calling 330-672-4444. Please relay the meter letter and number or the machine and the location to the dispatcher. Your call will be logged and a Parking Services employee will be dispatched to repair the machine. After the office is closed, you can email with the meter or pay station information.

What do I do if my car becomes disabled on campus?

  • If your vehicle or a visitor's vehicle becomes disabled while parked on campus, call the Parking Services dispatcher at 330-672-4444. A Parking Services representative will assist you with a battery jump start, vehicle unlock, gas transport or tire inflation. These services are limited to on-campus assistance and are provided at no charge. If you require a gas transport, you will be required to pay for the gas. 
  • If your vehicle is inoperable, call the Parking Services dispatcher. Your call will be logged, and you will be given up to 24 hours to have the vehicle moved unless the vehicle is parked in a restricted zone. Contact Police Services at 330-672-2212 after hours or during the weekend if you need assistance or to report an inoperable vehicle.

How do I purchase a disability permit?

Students, faculty or staff with a temporary or permanent disability may be eligible to purchase a Kent State University disability permit upon receipt of proper documentation. Instructions for obtaining a disability permit can be found in the Disability Permits section of this website.