Contact Info & Mission Statement

About the Procurement Department

The Procurement Department is responsible for the purchasing of all goods and services required by the university.  Our responsibilities include providing information, guidelines and collaboration to facilitate all aspects of the procurement process. Our goal is to apply the best business practices and principles of value, service, and market knowledge, while using a teamwork approach to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. 

Policies and procedures are continuously reviewed and revised to ensure that procurement activities proceed efficiently and in compliance with university, State, and Federal regulations, laws, and guidelines.

Mission Statement

The Procurement Department is committed to support the University's mission by offering services and programs to the community that result in the highest value and ultimate customer satisfaction, while embracing a spirit of continuous improvement. All will be provided with personal and professional standards that reflect the principles of ethics, integrity, and respect.


Location and General Information:
330 Harbourt Hall, 615 Loop Rd
Phone: 330-672-2276
Fax: 330-672-7904



Lawrence W. McWilliams III, C.P.M.
Interim Director, Procurement Department

Alan D. Parker
Strategic Sourcing Manager

Mariah Taylor
Strategic Procurement Agent