Member Conduct

Aggressive, unsafe, reckless or disruptive behavior is explicitly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: loud music, swearing, fighting or theft. 

Membership Suspension

Management reserves the right to suspend a member’s privileges if a member refuses to follow the rules of the facility and basic socially-appropriate behavior. Management reserves the right to penalize unauthorized use of a FLASHcard or Membership ID. Member privileges are not transferable.

Unruly Participant

This shall include, but not be limited to; verbal abuse of a Recreation and Wellness Services employee, verbal altercation with another guest, disruption of operation of the SRWC, or use of obscene, vulgar or offensive language. Once these incidents have been documented, management will contact the participant to arrange a meeting. Facility access rights will be removed until the meeting is completed. The penalty will vary based on the severity, intent and scope of the incident.

Disorderly Conduct

This shall include, but will not be limited to; physical acts of intimidation toward any Recreation and Wellness Services employee or member, physical acts of intimidation toward any guest, actions deemed unsafe to guests in the facility and actions deemed detrimental to the long term health of the SRWC and/or the equipment within. These cases will be immediately remanded to the Kent State University Police or the City of Kent police. The Office of Student Conduct may also be involved.