Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention Course

Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention Course: Creating a Safer Campus

Health Education and Promotion, School of Health Science | College of Education, Health, and Human Services

About This Course

(HED 44095| 2 CREDIT (13983)) Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention Course: Creating a Safer Campus | Fall 2022

This course focuses on prevention, education, and awareness surrounding power-based personal violence. This course aims to build a future of KSU students committed to standing firmly against this violence and becoming part of the solution to end sexual and relationship violence once and for all. 

This course will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to positively influence the KSU community and create a safer, more inclusive college campus. Students will be empowered by understanding sexual and relationship violence to advocate for genuine and lasting change.

Students who successfully completed this course will be eligible to take a one-credit practical follow-up course during the Spring 2023 semester. 


Eligibility for The Applied Practice Course

Those qualified to take the Applied Practice course will be contacted to schedule an interview with them to determine their eligibility for this role.

In order to be considered, you must have the following qualifications:

  • Completed the Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention Course (2 credits)
  • Ability to connect with and listen to various students
  • Strong communication skills
  • Must be in good standing with Student Rights & Responsibilities
(HED 44096| 1 CREDIT (13985)) Applied Practice Course of Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention | Spring 2023

This course is a great practice to apply what students have learned in the previous course and play an active role in addressing the issues of sexual and relationship violence on our KSU’s campus.

This course will allow students to connect with the Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services (SRVSS) at Kent State University and be part of the Students Team for Organizing Peers (STOP) to practically continue to advocate for preventing sexual and relationship violence (ex, launching campaigns and spreading resources on the college campus community). Trained students will be peer resources to educate and provide support on sexual and relationship violence topics on the KSU’s college campus.