Student Experience

College is a time for exploring new ideas, developing new skills, building on your talents, finding new passions and forming lifelong bonds.

At VCD, our students receive a rigorous grounding in the fundamentals of visual communication design as part of a nationally recognized, award-winning school. Here you'll be taught by faculty who are on the cutting edge of the digital field as well as respected in the disciplines of their craft. Your advisor will be devoted to helping you map out the curriculum and experiential options best suited to your professional aspirations.

Here's a short day-in-the-life video from one of our VCD students, Alex Miller.


Beyond their classrooms, VCD students can gain a wide variety of experiences and hands-on learning opportunities such as:

  • Glyphix Studio, an award-winning creative and collaborative program that allows students to engage in thoughtful client-based and self-guided investigations into design problems
  • IdeaBase, (formerly The Tannery) an integrated marketing communications firm powered by Kent State students, gives students hands-on experience working with paying clients on real projects.
  • Short- and long-term study abroad experiences 
  • CCI Commons, a living and learning community for communication and design majors
  • Regular opportunities to create and curate gallery shows as part of the newly renovated Taylor Hall Gallery.
  • Frequent speaker series talks from accomplished designers and artists