VCD Programs

As design educators, we value innovative thinking in concept development, design processes and solutions, communication strategies and emerging technologies.

Our Vision and Programs

The primary mission of the School of Visual Communication Design is to provide a comprehensive and superior professional education in the study and practice of visual communication design that complements university studies in the liberal arts, humanities and sciences. Uniquely positioned within the College of Communication and Information, the curriculum encourages cross-disciplinary studies to meet the challenges of an evolving marketplace.

The School of Visual Communication Design is nationally recognized for outstanding quality in design education, with emphases in visual design, illustration and photography. The school provides a comprehensive professional preparation, the development of conceptual and aesthetic skills, knowledge of design history and tradition as a basis for individual style, and the transformation of theory into practice through professional example and experience.

The School of Visual Communication Design at Kent State is a NASAD accredited program. 

The School of Visual Communication Design offers the following degrees: