The Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute

Established by the Kent University Board of Trustees, effective Fall 2018, the Liquid Crystal Institute will become the Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute (AMLCI). The foci will be on responsive materials the embrace a broad array of advance material on campus. Materials that respond to the environment. The AMLCI builds upon the Glenn H Brown Liquid Crystal Institute's 50-year legacy of world class research and draws in equal measure upon our broad and versatile clusters of advanced materials expertise.

The interface between liquid crystals and nanomaterials is interrogated in a variety of advanced materials fields such as: materials science, nanotechnology, optics, lasers, sensors, biological materials, thin films, colloids, biomaterials, photonics, metamaterials, tissue engineering, imaging, self-assembly, hierarchical materials, polymers, nanocomposites, nanoparticles.