Digital Photo Studio

The Digital Photo Studio is located in the Center for the Visual Arts in room 155B and is part of the Visual Resource Center suite. The room is available for School of Art majors and minors* to stage, light, and document their work to maintain a complete portfolio of student work. Lab technicians are available to assist in training and facilitation of difficult procedures often required to document work properly.

Camera, tripods, lights, backdrops, and computer workstations are all provided. Certain smaller items may be checked out for use during your appointment, such as camera memory cards, connectors to migrate images from camera to phones or iPads, and small magnets and clips to hang work. Please have your KSU ID or Flashcard in hand, if you want to use these items.

*If you are not a School of Art major or minor but taking a class in the School of Art that requires documentation of work, accommodations will be made for you. Please consult with your instructor for details. Our facility is somewhat small, and therefore we cannot accommodate large groups of students, fashion shoots, or multiple students using the room concurrently. Please plan accordingly.

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