KBAI Admissions

Undergraduate and graduate students at Kent State University or other colleges or universities may take any course for credit.

Students can earn 3 undergraduate credits or 3-4 graduate credits in each intensive. Kent Blossom Art Intensives are also open to individual artists at a non-credit tuition rate at $1100.  

NEW: K-12 Educators, KSU Alumni and KSU part-time staff receive 15% off tuition rate.

How to Apply

Applicants who are NOT current students at Kent State should fill out the required information on the online application (link below). Once submitted, applications will be reviewed by the resident faculty member. Applicants will receive an email concerning their status prior to the workshop dates. If accepted, the applicant will be enrolled for Kent Blossom Art Intensives by the School, they will not be responsible for enrolling for the course themselves. 

2024 Application Deadline: May 17

Application Form

Current Kent State Students:

Current Kent State students need to contact the resident faculty (Kent State faculty instructor) for permission to enroll in the course and DO NOT need to fill out the application. After permission is granted, students may then enroll themselves in the course. Registration for summer classes begins for all students on February 20.


Gianna Commito

Peter Johnson

Taryn McMahon

Eli Kessler


Kent Blossom Art Intensives are open to undergraduate and graduate students as well as individual artists. These two-week courses can be taken for college credit (3 credits undergrad and 3 credits grad per course) or individual artists may select the non-credit tuition option. To receive undergraduate or graduate credit for a Kent Blossom Art course, you must be enrolled at Kent State as a regular or transient student. To receive graduate credit, you need to have been admitted to graduate study for the summer. Please check with the appropriate resident faculty member if you have questions about your status or eligibility. 

Fees and Tuition

Non-credit Tuition Option - $1,100 + $75 lab fee

College Credit Tuition - Tuition costs for each workshop are $1697.88 for 3 resident undergraduate credits, and $1422.90 for 3 resident graduate credits ($2815.80 non-resident undergraduate and $2561.70 non-resident graduate). Graduates only may take the course for variable credits (1-6 credits) with resident faculty permission. *Fees are subject to change by the action of the University Board of Trustees. In addition, accepted applicants must pay School of Art course fee for art materials ranging from $22.00 to $25.00 per credit hour. Applicants will be notified immediately of any changes or additional costs. Please check with the Financial, Billing and Enrollment Center before you apply for KBAI to make sure that your tuition will be covered. 

**Refund Policy: Must have 7 days notice prior to the start of the program of withdrawal intention in order to receive full refund. No exceptions.

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