Director's Welcome

Welcome to the School of Emerging Media and Technology at Kent State University!  

If you like digital technology, want to do something interesting, exciting, and meaningful, and like the idea of working with students and faculty from across the university, you may find us to be the perfect match for your interests.

Our undergraduate students get a broad exposure to digital technologies — information, software, and hardware — and they learn how different societies, professions, and organizations use those technologies.  In your first year, you may take a class with a journalism professor, a computer scientist, an ethicist, or an architect.  Our students learn how to manage a project and work on a team.  They are the integrators, the hybrids — the ones who like to work with other people doing something creative in the real world.

Our graduate students come from a variety of backgrounds but also want to add breadth in their skill set.  Students from a technical background may study enterprise architecture or information systems and business analytics, while students from a design background may study software development or telecommunications.

All of our students like to explore, and our degrees encourage breadth across multiple disciplines along with depth in one specific area.  Our concentrations allow students to build on their strengths and interests and branch out in new directions.

If you have any questions, please email, or give us a call at 330-672-9105.   We look forward to talking to you!

Michael Beam, Ph.D., Director