Current KSU Students

If you’re currently studying at Kent State University and want to find out more about Study Away options, we strongly recommend speaking to your advisor before starting the application process. They’ll help you tailor your experience to your academic goals and graduation plan.


  • You’ll need a minimum 2.500 overall GPA to take part in any of our Study Away programs. 

Our Florence, NYC, Paris, London, South Korea, and Hong Kong Exchange programs: 

  • You’ll need to successfully complete all sophomore (20000-level) fashion design or fashion merchandising courses before taking part. 

Our Hong Kong Exchange program: 

  • As a maximum of five students are chosen for this competitive program each spring semester, we recommend only students with a 3.00 overall GPA apply. 
  • We strongly advise only junior level students should take part in this program, as any senior-level fashion merchandising student or any fashion design student will have a delayed graduation if they do so. 

Our LA Study Tour: 

  • This program is open to freshman to senior year fashion students, but we’ll give priority to applications from junior or senior-level students


  • Attend Study Away Day in September – the dates will be announced through email and social media.
  • Make an appointment with your advisor to plan your study away location and semester.
  • Apply through the Pre-Approval application link which opens in September of each year after Study Away Day and closes in December. The link will be sent out to students via email and social media.
  • In January, you will be notified if you are able to study away. Then, you will fill out your Commitment Contract.
  • Each program has different dates for deposits. This will be discussed in the letter you receive after your Commitment Contract is received and at Study Away Day.


  1. September – December: Complete the Pre-Approval Application
  • You’ll need to complete a Pre-Approval Application one academic year before you plan to study away with Kent State University’s School of Fashion.
  • Please make sure you’ve discussed your study away preferences and options with your academic advisor first. This will help you make the right decision based on your academic progress, career goals and eligibility. 
  1. January: Review your Pre-Approval Application Status
  • You’ll receive an email regarding your Pre-Approval Application Status. 
  • If you’ve been approved, you’ll be able to move onto the next step in your preferred study away program(s) application. You’ll also be notified if your application has been denied due to your GPA and/or course progress, which means you won’t be able to move forward.
  1. January: Submit your Commitment Contract (If you’re planning on participating in the Paris Semester, South Korea, London, and Hong Kong Exchange programs, you won’t need to submit a Commitment Contract. Please see the next step.)
  • Next, you’ll need to submit your Commitment Contract for each study away program you’ve been approved for. You’ll find a link to the Commitment Contract in your Pre-Approval Application Status email. 
  • Even though submitting a Commitment Contract reserves your space in the study away program, your spot won’t be guaranteed until you pay the program fee. 
  • It’s really important to submit your Commitment Contract as soon as you can; many program locations can only accept a limited number of students each semester and Commitment Contracts are accepted on a first come, first served basis
  1. February: Submit your Program Application  (This step only applies to the Paris Semester, South Korea, London, and Hong Kong Exchange programs. )
  • If you’re approved to apply for the Paris Semester, South Korea, London, and Hong Kong Exchange programs, you’ll need to submit your official Program Application by February 15
  • You’ll find a link to the Program Application in your Pre-Approval Application Status email. 
  • You’ll also need to submit a one-page resume and an essay on why you’d like to study away at your selected location. 
  1. February, March or July: Pay your Program Fee
  • Your spot on any of our programs won’t be secure until you’ve paid the program fee. 
  • You’ll be emailed information about how to pay after your Commitment Contract (Florence, NYC, Paris Summer, and LA Study Tour) or Program Application (Paris Semester, South Korea, London, and Hong Kong Exchange) has been accepted
  • Summer Program fee payment deadline: February 15 
  • Fall Program fee payment deadline: March 1 
  • Spring Program fee payment deadline: July 1

SELF-DESIGNED STUDY AWAY (current KSU students only) 


You’ll need to submit a self-designed proposal if you want to meet the FDM Study Away criteria by taking part in a non-FDM study away program.

You can also take part in a self-designed Study Away program. We believe this plays an important role in helping our students engage fully in experiences that meet our Global Learning Objectives.

If you’re thinking about a self-designed study away program, you’ll need to meet with the Study Away Coordinator BEFORE submitting the proposal.

  1. Meet with the School of Fashion’s Study Away Coordinator ( to discuss the process and program of choice.
  2. Complete the Online Proposal Form.
  3. Complete the Signature Form (which you’ll find on the Proposal Form).
  4. Submit your Program Description, which outlines your Study Away experience and planned assessment. 
  5. Take part in your study away program.
  6. Submit your Reflection Essay


You should submit your self-designed Study Away proposals at least six weeks before you’re due to leave. Your proposal will be reviewed if you submit it late, but we can’t guarantee it will be approved before your program begins.


Q: Can I write my proposal on a study away experience that I’ve already done?

A: Yes, you can. You’ll have six months from the end of your experience to submit your proposal. 

Q: I’m a transfer student. When should I submit my proposal?

A: You’ll need to submit your proposal by the end of your first semester at The School of Fashion.