Meet the Team

We value the opportunity to partner and collaborate with new companies, brands and organizations to further connect the classroom to world of fashion in ways that are ever-changing, just like our industry. We appreciate your interest in partnering with us and your efforts in supporting our students.

To discuss a partnership, please contact:

Hillary Stone Profiel PicHillary Stone, MS

Associate Professor - NTT Practitioner
Industry Liaison - Internship Director
226H Rockwell Hall (Office)
Phone: 1 (330) 672-3155
Fax: 1 (330) 672-3772

Millie Ott Profile PicMillicent Ott, MEd

Industry Liaison - Internship Manager
226G Rockwell Hall (Office)
Phone: 1 (330) 672-0195
Fax: 1 (330) 672-3772

Other ways to get in touch: