Discover what it’s really like to study away as part of your degree. Here, our students share their experiences, giving you inspiration for your own program and adventures into the wider world of fashion. 

Kim Orndorf - Law Student

Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Pre-Law

Studied away in Florence and London

“I was able to gain, not only a deeper level of knowledge for the fashion world, but also skills to help further my career goals. I now see fashion through a more creative eye rather than from a strictly business point of view. The designers, photographers, architects, stylists, and other people I was able to meet while studying abroad has allowed me to become more well-rounded when going out into any field of work. I can have conversations with many individuals in the creative world about a wide range of topics because of the classes and the various cultures I was surrounded with. I visited 11 different countries and 22 cities in Europe, which helped boost my resume to score an internship with three well-known bridal designers in New York City. I also had the opportunity to work at New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. I’m currently going to law school to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming an attorney and I have all of my amazing experiences, hard work, and Kent State to thank for this opportunity. Study abroad whenever you have the chance to do so because you may never know what doors it may open in the future!”

Madison Palen-Michel Cline - Legwear Designer

Fashion Design

Studied away in Paris and New York City

“As a Fashion Design student at Kent State, I had the opportunity to study in Paris and New York City during my junior year in 2012. I made lifelong friendships on those trips and had experiences that shaped who I am and where I am today. I grew up in Kent, OH and lived with my parents while attending school, so when I went away to Paris and NYC, that was the first time I got to live on my own. It allowed me to experience new cultures and lifestyles outside of my hometown and make memories with friends. I do not think I would have ever left Kent if I hadn’t studied away and fallen in love with New York City. It reshaped my view on life and the possibilities for my future. While studying at the Fashion Studio in New York City, I formed connections with my professors and those I interned with, which helped me land my first job at Ralph Lauren. Studying in Paris and New York City meant I had to do market research on a whole new level and gave me a taste of the fashion industry up close that you just can’t get in Ohio. If I hadn’t had the chance to study abroad, I would not be where I am today - working as a designer in New York City.” 

Morgan Narducci - Intern/Retail Assistant

BA Fashion Design

Studied away in New York City, Florence, and South Korea

“I think studying abroad has impacted my life tremendously, both personally and professionally. Studying abroad really made me mature and more responsible. While abroad you learn things that you’re unable to learn in a classroom unless seeing it in certain countries. I learned so much more in my major by traveling to the top fashion cities.”

Evelyn Rossol - Fashion Design with a minor in Entrepreneurship

Master of Fashion Industry Studies

Studied away in Florence and Paris

“Personally, it made me more confident, cultured, and self-sufficient. Professionally, it has emphasized the change that is necessary and has been long-awaited in the fashion industry for a more sustainable way of being.”


Kelsie Lichtcsien - Current Master’s Student

Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Marketing

Studied away in NYC, Florence, Paris, and Hong Kong

“My study away experience changed who I am. I learned to be bold and independent, to not be afraid of the unknown, and how to maneuver through any situation life throws my way. Immersing myself in other cultures gave me the opportunity to truly learn who I am. Professionally, I now have incredible communication skills and have a more global understanding of how the fashion industry works. Studying abroad gave me the confidence to go after my dreams no matter how crazy they may seem, and I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunities the Kent State Fashion School granted me.”

Julia Kennedy

 Fashion Merchandising with a minor in International Business

Studied away in South Korea, NYC, and Florence

“Studying away has made me feel more confident in my abilities to succeed in the industry. It opened my eyes to new career possibilities and taught me to continue to take risks in my career. I am more open-minded about the world around me.” 

Doreen Yuan - Allocation Analyst

Fashion Merchandising, Marketing

Studied away in South Korea

“Precious experience of working in another country, deeply and thoroughly immersed myself in the local environment.”

Emily Romano - Fashion Design Student  

Studied away in Paris and Florence

“Through my study away experience I was able to make lifelong friends, connections, and develop my resume. Studying abroad in Paris gave me the incredible opportunity of working backstage during Fashion Week, giving me insight into the industry and building relationships. Paris also helped me develop a new set of skills, focusing on couture fashion and handwork. Florence allowed me to be away for an extended amount of time and really immerse myself in the culture.”