Educational Background

Is an undergraduate degree in an area of fashion required to get the M.F.I.S?

No. A bachelor's degree in the area of fashion is not required; however, to be considered for the program, applicants must have a bachelor's degree with a GPA of 3.30.

Students who are expecting to pursue coursework or thesis research in a design topic are required to possess a bachelor's degree in fashion design OR a bachelor's degree in a related field and substantial employment experience (minimum two years) in the fashion industry.


If an applicant's undergraduate degree is not in fashion, are additional courses required?

Yes, foundational courses at the undergraduate level are required. Students without a fashion background may be required to complete foundational coursework, FDM 10033 and FDM 10034 concurrently during the first semester, and either FDM 30260 or FDM 30262 during the second semester. Students must complete these courses within the first 18 credit hours of graduate study. These undergraduate credit hours are in addition to the 30 graduate credit hours required for the M.F.I.S. degree.

Program Academic Details

Is a GRE or GMAT score required to apply for the M.F.I.S.?

No. Either of the tests is only required for the ones who do not meet the GPA requirement.


What is the course delivery like?

Classes are taught synchronously in person.  During the covid-19 pandemic, we are teaching all classes remotely and synchronously within the Blackboard Learn learning management system (e.g., Collaborate Ultra). This means students do need to access the course at set times with the instructor and other students. Further, online classes occur. All course materials, including lectures, videos, course assignments, discussion boards, etc. are contained in Blackboard Learn.

Program Administrative Details

When does the M.F.I.S. program begin?

We only start our program in the fall semester.  Application deadlines are the mid of April before the start of the Fall semester. International applicants are strongly encouraged to apply by mid-February to allow ample time for visa process.


What happens if I have to stop the program for work or family issues?

In cases where the student will be out for a year or more, a formal Leave of Absence request is required to keep the student active in the University's system.


What is the tuition and/or cost of attendance in the M.F.I.S. program?

For more details, please visit the KSU Financial Aid page.


When is the application deadline for graduate assistantships working in the School of Fashion?

February 15, 2022 is the deadline for the graduate assistantship consideration for the new students for AY 2022-23.  For detailed information, please visit our Graduate Assistantships page.


When do I learn about the decisions on graduate assistantship awards?

The applicants for graduate assistantship should hear from the Graduate Program team by end of March, pending budget approvals from the School and College.


What other financial supports are available on campus?

There are more assistantships and campus jobs outside of the School of Fashion. Please check out the Career Exploration and Development for the opportunities.


What kind of financial support is available while pursuing the M.F.I.S.? 

The School of Fashion has been extremely luck to recruit and support of academically excellent students with diverse backgrounds through Graduate Dean’s Award and Graduate Dean’s Travel Award offered by the Graduate College. If you are eligible for these awards, please contact Dr. J. Kim-Vick for her nomination on your behalf.

For other fellowships and awards for new and continuing students, offered by the Graduate College at Kent State University, please visit the website at: https://www.kent.edu/graduatestudies/awards

Completing the Degree

How long do I have to complete the M.F.I.S. Program?

Students have six (6) years to complete the M.F.I.S.; however, the average time to complete the program for those full-time students with part-time work is two years. Time approved as a Leave of Absence does not count toward the six-year limit.


How are employer tuition benefits handled by the Bursar's Office?

Kent State has deferred billing for those with tuition benefits. A form is submitted each semester with the student/employee’s information. Find more details about employer tuition assistance and the form.


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