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This is a NEW search portal that helps match students to scholarships.
To use the portal, you must be an admitted or continuing student at Kent State. Complete the 2023-2024 Student Financial Aid Scholarship Application in ScholarshipUniverse!

Did you know that Kent State automatically considers incoming, new first-year students and new transfer students for several merit scholarships? 

ScholarshipUniverse can help you find additional scholarships based on:

  • your major
  • academic achievements
  • financial need
  • activities and interests
  • and more!

Receiving a scholarship is not guaranteed and scholarships are competitive. That’s why you should apply to every scholarship you can to increase your chances of receiving additional scholarships.

To get started, you’ll need to complete a Student Profile in ScholarshipUniverse. The questions you’ll be asked to answer will help match you to scholarships. While you don’t have to answer all of these questions – the more you answer, the better your search results will be.

ScholarshipUniverse is able to match students to external scholarship opportunities. Each of these scholarships is very carefully reviewed before being included.

As ScholarshipUniverse continues to expand, you’ll be able to apply for all Kent State scholarships through this portal.


You must be a newly admitted or returning student to use ScholarshipUniverse. Not yet admitted? Apply now.

Be sure to fill out your Student Profile so that you can then review the scholarship opportunities available in ScholarshipUniverse.

Campus and College Scholarships


  • With : Colleges and campuses with scholarships already in ScholarshipUniverse (student profile required)
  • Without this  symbol - Colleges and campuses featuring scholarships on web pages via links you must follow by clicking above

Additional Scholarship Resources

Tips & Tricks

Access ways to find scholarship opportunities through your personal and professional networks, as well as how-to videos ranging from accepting scholarships to writing scholarship essays.

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Scholarship FAQs

We are here to help. If you have a question, chances are others may have similar questions for which we have easy-to-access answers.

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Although most of your forms will be completed through Scholarship Universe as its functionality expands, you will find a few additional forms on this web page.

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