20-Year Club

The 20-Year Club Service Award is an annual distinction established in 1966 to honor classified and unclassified staff employees who have dedicated 20 years of continuous service to Kent State University.

Inductees are determined on a fiscal year basis. Currently, the awards program allows inductees to select an heirloom chair or lamp from Standard Chairs. 

2023 Inductees

Please join us in congratulating the 2023 Inductees! These inductees reached their 20-Year service anniversary between July 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023.

2023 Inductees


Gift Orders

  • Upon reaching their anniversary, inductees are allowed to select a chair or lamp to commemorate their years of service.
  • The gifts are ordered in bulk. Because of this, orders are placed quarterly, and inductees may wait a few months for their gift to arrive.
Service Anniversary Month Approximate Order Placement* Approximate Delivery*
July - September September November
October - December December February
January - March March May
April - June May July

*Many factors are involved in ordering 20-Year gifts. These timelines are approximations. Human Resources will always work to communicate to the inductees when their gift order is placed and when delivery will be.


2024 Inductees

The 2024 inductees, which include staff members who reach their anniversary between July 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024, will be announced in summer 2024.


For more information, contact Kelsey Tomlinson at 330-672-0957/ktomlin2@kent.edu