VP Information Technology

Provides leadership for all institutional information technology endeavors, and oversees both strategic planning and operational service activities for educational, research and administrative efforts.

Cloud & Infrastructure Services

Cloud & Infrastructure Services (CIS) within the Division of Information Technology supports critical infrastructure technology the Kent State's eight campuses and their respective satellite locations. Our customers are students, faculty, and staff at all locations. The scope of our services is broad and covers all endpoint and data center computing services, network, telecommunications, and cloud infrastructure.

Infrastructure Engineering

The Infrastructure Engineering Team has responsibility for the design and implementation of critical infrastructure supporting the university's core enter enterprise services. This infrastructure includes servers, storage, and cloud platforms, as well as end user computing devices and accompanying software. We also provide essential IT services including directory services, desktop management and encryption, virtualization and cloud platforms for the university. Additionally, Infrastructure Engineering provides backup and disaster recovery services that ensure the university's business functions can quickly return to operation in the event of a disaster. Many of these services are requestable through the IT Service Catalog, or as customized solutions for specific projects or needs. Experienced engineers are available to provide professional consultation and recommend solutions that meet most project and budgetary goals.

Director, Walt Bainey

Network and Telecom Services

The Network and Telecommunication Services Team is responsible for all of Kent State University's phone and networking systems. They design, implement, and support all networking and telephone architecture used across the 8-campus system. The scope of this team includes the core and edge networks, wireless infrastructure, cable TV, ISP services, directory services, dial tone, unified messaging, and contact center services.

Manager, Michael Geist

Data Management and Analytics

This department is responsible for the governance, integration and reporting of all university data. This team is tasked with building a framework to enable the use of data to help make informed decisions and will work with Mary Parker, the VP of Enrollment Management to assist with the use of data to increase enrollment.

Support, Infrastructure, and Research Technology

Provides support for the University’s Learning Management System, Classroom Technology, End User Support, Help Desk, Self Service, Training and Outreach, and other related initiatives. The overarching goal of the department is to deliver an exceptional customer experience in regard to technical support and service requests.

Classroom Technology and University Events Support

Classroom Technology and University Events provides consultation, design, and installation services for electronic instructional equipment in classrooms on the Kent Campus. We also provide maintenance and support for all installed audio and video equipment. We are also responsible for institutional display and P.A. services for support of events at the Kent Campus.

Manager, Bryan Molnar

Educational Technology Support

The Course Management team supports teaching and learning by ensuring the course management system and all its integrated tools and technologies are functioning to provide the best end user experience. Support services are available online and by phone; self-service guides are conveniently located on the Blackboard Learn support website and extensive knowledge base articles are at  

Our team also supports and develops Educational Technology Applications used throughout the university which provide students and faculty a more engaging academic experience.

Team Leader, Jona Burton

End User Support

Provides efficient, responsive, and courteous IT support to faculty and staff, in addition to leadership in planning for the effective use of technology. Find your local support person at

Director, Jay Frye

IT Training and Outreach

IT Training and Outreach provides a wide range of free technology workshops available to Kent State students, faculty, and staff. There are over 50 different workshop offerings to choose from covering Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Adobe Products, Cloud Storage, and more. 

The training classroom is conveniently located on the first floor of the Library in room 152, near the computer lab. With brand new computers and two 80” flat panel display screens, the space allows for an interactive training experience that can be customized to the needs of the audience or nature of the content. Visit for more information or to register for a workshop.

Manager, Tom Mahon

Kent State Helpdesk

The Kent State Helpdesk provides technical support to Kent State students, faculty and staff on all campuses. Support is available 24/7 via phone and chat. The Helpdesk also updates knowledgebase articles and resolves formal support requests entered via
The TechHelp Service and Repair Center provides in-person support and repairs for computers, laptops and tablets, and is a certified Apple and Dell service provider.
Manager, Andy Martineau

330-672-HELP (4357)

IT Enterprise Research Technology & Support

Enterprise Research Technology & Support(ERTS), provides IT related assistance through all aspects of the research life cycle. Benefits include, Security Review and Sign off, Cost Analysis, Up to date Cyber Infrastructure Plan(NSF), CIO support letter, Design/Architecture, Technology support and Co-Pi opportunities.

The ERTS Department can be reached by:

  • Contacting your local IT support staff
  • Teams Chat: Philip Thomas
  • Opening a Research Help Desk Ticket

Network Architect, Philip Thomas


Enterprise Application Management

The Enterprise Application Management team supports enterprise software and applications that are used university-wide and are responsible for university business. Our customers are students, faculty, and staff at all campuses. The supported application portfolio is broad and includes many systems, with the Banner ERP and Salesforce as major components. Also included in scope are Marketing Cloud and Electronic Signatures (DocuSign). In addition to supporting the applications, this team provides development services for Banner and the related bolt-on applications and third-parties, Salesforce, and Document Imaging.

Information Security

Provides the creation and implementation of information security strategies and the security of the university’s digital assets. The department is also responsible for informing the university community about regulations around data protection (e.g., FERPA, HIPAA, GDPR) and effective stewardship of all university information and data, ensuring that we all do our part to protect the personal information of our students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Security and Access Management

Responsible for protecting digital assets across the entire university system. This team is entrusted with ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all institutional data and digital assets. The scope of this team also includes publishing and maintaining policies and guidelines, and building awareness and best practices that ensure the security of systems and data. Other key functions include recommending secure technologies that enable responsible innovation and growth, and providing continuous monitoring of critical information systems in order to prevent or minimize the severity of breaches.

Executive Director, Security, James Raber, Ph.D.

Identity and Access Management

The IAM team is responsible for enabling, developing, and supporting Single Sign On (SSO) solutions at Kent State, as well as developing identity management solutions that enable users to seamlessly access multiple systems using their single Kent State identity.

Associate CIO, Dr. James Raber

IT Administration & Finance

Provides support for the Division of Information Technology in financial planning reporting and analysis, procurement, and human resource functions. Our objective is to provide timely financial insight, decision support, and efficient handling of the business operations of IT, to support the division in carrying out its mission.

Financial planning and management for the division, including accounting and budgeting, financial analysis and forecasting, internal billing, contract processing, and review of purchasing activities for adherence to university financial policies and procedures.

Manager IT Budgeting & Business Services, Catherine Zapytowski

Process Evaluation and Improvement

Process Evaluation and Improvement is responsible for

  • Advocating for our students, faculty, and staff through understanding their needs and priorities.
  • Creating awareness around the services provided by Information Technology.
  • Providing services in process analysis to help departments streamline and improve their processes.
  • Providing tools and services for process automation to help departments save time and effort.
  • Overseeing the Lean Kent State office ( to promote a Lean culture through providing training and resources and leading a Lean Community of Practice.

Systems Development and Innovations

An essential element to our university, Systems Development and Innovations is responsible for designing, developing and testing new and innovative software applications that are used extensively by the KSU community ever day - from finding your way around campus using mobile tech to utilizing dynamic task lists to ensure on-time graduation.

Systems Development and Innovations

The SDI department consists of multiple teams operating with a unified objective of providing stellar software development services to the university user base by developing custom solutions that are equally accessible by all, and supporting enterprise platforms that cater to the diverse needs of all users at the university.

The Web Presence team managers development and support services for the Drupal platform that runs the website and all its subsites, as well as the FlashLine user portal that serves all students, staff, faculty and alumni.

The Solutions Delivery team develop custom solutions to the specification of business units across the institution as well as the university-at-large. Aligning with the Agile methodology, these teams iteratively deliver web and mobile solutions that rapidly engage in a lifecycle process consisting of UX prototyping, development, testing & UX assessments, deployment and production support, using full stack platforms that accelerate the solution process.

The Digital Accessibility team is responsible for managing accessibility policy at the university, providing accessibility compliance assessment, providing accessibility training services and managing the accessibility of our front-facing enterprise systems. 

Associate Director, Mike Papania

Senior Manager, IT, Jared Boehm

Application Development Architect, Altai Otgonyin

ICT Accessibility Compliance Coordinator, Alison Haynes