Completed Projects

Network Modernization

Project Overview: With the support of CARES funding, the Division of Information Technology along with our industry partners CDW-G and Aruba modernized our university network to add resilience and necessary functionality to serve Kent State’s needs into the future. The modernization took place in phases, starting in the Fall of 2020 and completing in the Spring of 2022. 

Completed: Spring 2022

Business Value: Our network infrastructure is a key and foundational part of the technology that enables the digital services we use for Kent State’s academic, research and administrative needs.  The CARES Act provided the university an opportunity to take a significant step forward to modernize our network with state of the art technology that is projected to meet current and anticipated needs into the near future.  

Team Collaboration:

DLA Students Full-time Staff
Parker Higgins Michael Geist
Andrew Thomas AJ Chiccarino
Elliot Ullman Tom Bordonaro
Ben Wagner Brad Shaffer
Nicker Weber Andrew Lizak

In-Flight Projects

Flash 5 Initiative

Project Overview: Leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform a group of Digital Leadership Students and fulltime Department of Information Technology staff are collaborating on the Flash 5 Initiative.  The application will allow the University community to submit ideas they would like to be reviewed or considered for future automation by the DoIT & the DLA.

Expected Completion: Fall 2022

Business Value:

Team Collaboration:

DLA Students Full-time Staff
Parker Higgins Barb Boltz
Halie Eckert Walt Bainey
Kalp Champaneri Lisa Steigmann-Gall
Joe Baxter David Veits
Andy Hayworth Disney Maxwell
  Kim Rivers
  Nick Lupica

Ticket System Data Migration

Project Overview: The Department of Information Technology is implementing a new Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Platform in the Fall of 2022.  A group of Digital Leadership Students has been collaborating with DoIT full-time staff and our implementation partners at Freshservice to ensure the migration of data from our current ITSM platform.    

Expected Completion: Fall 2022

Team Collaboration:

DLA Students Full-time Staff
Halie Eckert Andy Martineau
Joe Baxter Mike Skotko
  Andy Huston